Cargo Commander, get your coffee mug ready!

So no thread for this? I saw some comments in the “space-and-all-the-things” thread, but I seriously think it needs its own spot of mention. Its made by a 2 man team from Holland! From the awesome theme, to the little things like coffee , canned fruit, the camera rotation , and trying to get back to the ship when the wormhole is crushing everything, this game is really an Indie gem.

Game website:

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FYI game is $6 on GMG after using the code : GMG25-UAAHK-6AI9S

I’ve been playing it on and off over last week. It’s ok, but I’m not feeling as hooked on it compared to Binding of Isaac or Dungeons of Dredmor.

It feels to me like the high score aspect of the game was empathize more then the rogue-like design. I’ve found 58 of the possible 88 cargos and it doesn’t seem like the game is getting anymore challenging.


Edit: Wish steam would stop installing Visual C++/DX on every game…

I joined your universe for a bit Jab, but a poor jump when another container slammed into the one I just floated around projectiled me away, and I suffocated in space before I could get through a drill-able wall panel. Your score was pretty high, 3200 something if I recall.

I haven’t broken 2000 points yet. :p

Yes, the game is less varied in its content than most roguelikes, with four weapons (not counting melee), seven or eight enemy types, and relatively few special features like the rocket engines and lock controls in containers. This does make it, however, so that with some experience one can quickly assess a situation. And, although the basic interaction consists of relatively few verbs (even compared to fairly streamlined roguelikes), there is something in forming plans on the fly and assessing risks. Most of my deaths have probably been when I hadn’t properly prepared an escape from a dangerous entry, but it’s so tempting to grab one more rat-eaten doughnut.

Regarding being launched by container collisions, you probably know this, but shooting can help acceleration in space. I don’t use it much, since I don’t like wasting the ammo, but it has its moments. Also, although I’ve come to appreciate early weapon upgrades as well, I still place a fair bit of importance on an upgraded drill and oxygen supply. They can be handy in the normal game, but in Journey they’re excellent, as mutants don’t come out of space to pester a person for staying out too long. Digging out floors under spawning crystals and grabbing caps from mutants falling into space work pretty well.

Let’s see, I created TRUELOVE, JACKPOT, and BOSTON.

I’m running into some immense sector pass containers.

The last one I found ate the bottom of my ship :

And the one before was enormous and covered in bugs (that’s what she said).

That’s after I sticky bombed half the redcaps out.

whoa , never seen containers that big, and i’ve made it to wave 7 so far…

The second one is a friend’s level and there’s about five dead bodies in there.

With the sector pass right in the middle, I predict more bodies to come.

I’ve seen about that size before, but fortunately mine were often sparsely populated. I imagine I’d easily be surrounded with as many indestructible walls as those things tend to have.

I didn’t think to take a picture, but the trickiest sector pass container I found was, I think, in VELIKANRED, which I found while sector scanning randoms for a crystal skull. It wasn’t that large overall, but very long, spearing into my home container. The only breakable walls were all the way on the opposite tip. It was worrying, but worked out fine, at least with extra oxygen.

Made it to rank 15 on the Qt3 map thing.

How do I switch to that sector?

If you have sector pass, then use the navigation console, pick “enter a name” (or something like that) and type in QT3 - it should flash up that the sector has been played before and show you some scores, so you know you’re in the right place.

Then you can unlock it and travel.

Alternately, if you have Steam friends playing that sector you can pick “Friend’s Sectors” instead of entering a name and see if it’s in that list.

So I accidentally exploded an exploding cube onto my ship.

Can you guess where the next container hit me?

I love those exploding cubes. They really make for an exciting time. :P

Just did a few runs in the qt3 sector and no disconnects here.

The shotgun is really nice as a little ‘jetpack’ while in space.

Wish the wait time for the mag bomb activation was shorter, perhaps there is a hotkey to trigger them without having to hold MB1 for a few seconds.

Hover over any individual bomb and right-click, it’s immediate.

Yeah, 6-8 hours in and not a single disconnect here.

I’m in Australia and have no connection problems with the game. I’ve never had a disconnect. I do recall reading they were having some server issues at some point that were causing end-game crashes, so maybe it is related to that.