Caring for your Nintendo Switch out in the wild

So do you guys just tote your Switches around freely with your books and iPads and documents and sack lunches and whatever other stuff is in your backpack or attache case? Is there some sort of Switch Wallet or Switch Flap or Switch Mobile Containment System that everyone uses to protect its face? What’s the conventional wisdom for sallying forth into the world with a Switch in tow?

Also, $70 for a regular controller? What? And am I going to want one of those come Xenoblade Chronicles 2 time?


I got one of these, because it doesn’t add too much weight but definitely provides scratch and drop resistance:

As for the controller, people do rave about the Pro Controller. I haven’t shelled out the big bucks yet (it’s even more expensive in Canada), but I sometimes wish I had it when I find my hands cramping up after a long Mario Kart 8 Deluxe session.

I bought a glass screen protector for my Switch mostly due to the early reports of the dock scratching the screen. Haven’t had any issues with having the Switch otherwise naked in my bag.

The usefulness of the Pro controller is really down to how much you’ll use your Switch in the dock. If you’re sitting on the couch playing on the TV, I find the Pro controller way nicer than using the joy-cons. If I’m mobile with the Switch I’m fine using the attached joy-cons to avoid having to take that extra pro controller with me and to avoid having to find a surface to set the Switch up on.

I went in GameStop the other day and got one similar to @Ephraim but it was $12 and came with 3 screen protectors. It’s a pretty rigid case, solidly built, and works great. It was the GameStop house brand.

Also, for 4-player couch coop stuff, I bought another set of joy cons and the charging grip. Not sure why the default grip isn’t charging…

You can also buy a MAGIC-NS and use one of your other bluetooth controllers with the Switch:

Totally not worth it if you need to BUY one of those other controllers, but if you already have a few around it might be. You need one of these adapters PER controller, FYI, so it’s not a magic bullet by any means for lotsa controllers fun.

I don’t use a screen protector, just a case to protect it a bit when I throw it in my backpack. These are nice; they do a case, pouch, and bag:

I’d say it’s desirable but not essential. It’s a quality controller if it’s any consolation, my favorite to hold out of any controller. :)

The Switch Pro Controller is fantastic. It is totally worth the price even if the price is outrageous IMO. I think you should definitely invest in one. It’s notable that with a Pro Controller and the two JoyCons attached, you’re already at three players for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or any four player game. My suggestion then is to buy a second set of JoyCons to cover the fourth player in the future, but still allow for dual JoyCon games like ARMS to be played with motion controls.

That said, you can totally get by without buying a single thing and probably be happy.

The case I use is this one…


I adore it because of the exterior but it has a very good interior too. It’s good protection for the system and I take along the cable to charge it as well as the attachments that add buttons/wrist straps to the JoyCons in that netted pocket on the left in the second photo. It holds a bunch of games too if you’re a heathen like me that still buys carts. There are a number of official options like mine that have a different exterior. The case that comes with the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle is pretty hot too.

I use this case:

It’s a bit bulky, but it’s not heavy and it fits my giant Anker battery. Also a tempered glass screen protector.

You should buy a Pro Controller so you have somewhere to put your Amiibos. Check out this helpful image below:

Is there any way we could convince the Japanese to set aside their language norms and reverse the letters on their controllers? It’s maddening after not touching a Nintendo controller for 20 years.

Just ordered a tempered glass screen protector today. Probably not necessary, but where I have the dock situated it is a bit awkward to get in and out, so not a bad idea.

I looked at reviews for the pro controller and while it seems to be good, it doesn’t seem remotely necessary, except maybe for fighting games. I suspect it’s the sort of thing you don’t need, unless the joycons just aren’t doing it for you.

I always use joycons detached from the system, either separated or with the grip, and I have found both to be comfortable.

I can vouch for this screen protector being really nice. Wasn’t hard to install (I was able to pull up a corner to get rid of a bubble) and is crystal clear:

I was going to badmouth the ZAGG invisible shield I bought and failed to get installed after 2 attempts, but I don’t even see it listed for sale on Amazon anymore. As far as I could tell, it was impossible to install without un-removable bubbles. But then, at $20 followed by another $5.99 per try, I gave up pretty quickly. It looks like they are going with rigid screens now.

Thinking about getting one of these if I leave the house with it . . .

That also drives me bonkers.

If it makes you feel any better, it works the other way too - I’ve got a Logitech controller for the PC that uses the Xbox letter order, and I use it far less than I should, simply because it drives me insane after growing up with the SNES controller.

As for the topic at hand, I can also vouch that (1) a good (tempered glass) screen protector and toss-it-in-the-bag has worked for me without any consequence thus far, and (2) the pro controller is best-in-class, however much I hate the price point.

It’s explicitly not a regular controller. It’s a Pro controller. Duh. You can use it to play Tony Hawk’s Regular Skater.

The battery on that thing is no joke, though. I haven’t kept detailed records but I wouldn’t be surprised if the average battery life of a Switch Pro controller was 10 times the DS4’s.

But do you need it? I actually find it very comfortable to play with the Joy Cons in detached mode. I like not having to force my wrists into one position for too long.

Aside from a Pro and a basic case I have purchased two Switch accessories that I’m happy with. This thing is great if you’re going to fly with the Switch because the built in kickstand puts the screen at a terrible angle when you’re so close to your tray:

And these things make multiplayer with a split Joy Con way more comfortable:

Oh, nice! I preordered Fire Emblem Warriors to play with my kids when they are home at Thanksgiving. I should grab a pair of these.

Exact same one I got, and it worked great. Also got a 20 dollar case as well. Pro controller is great too, one of my favorites so far. Pricy though.

The 15 dollar soft case I picked up at Target on the cheap is doing well so far. My Switch is pristine and I’ve gotten to enjoy Iron…something…the game with the steam mechs and the match 3s… on the go, as God intended.

Just put one of these on. Easiest screen protector install I’ve ever done, by far.

Amazon has a sale on San Disk micro sd cards today.

Accessories that I considered mandatory:

  1. amFlm Tempered a Glass Screen Protector
  2. RDS industries case (black with red, semi hard shell, indents for joy con triggers)
  3. MicroSD chip (digital for portable game console)

Accessories I consider QoL nice:

  1. Pro controller (as a bonus comes with a good USB-C charging cable for controller or Switch)
  2. Hori Compact Playstand (it’s inexpensive, but good quaility-- “better” can be had, but they cover back vents so…I didn’t). Stand is nice for even at home play as it allows better propping up on tables for “desktop” play.