Carl Norman leaves Eagle Dynamics + LOMAC addons

For those who care, here’s a link to Carl’s goodbye post on the Ubi forums:

A big blow to the community, especially after Matt Wagner left earlier in the year.

In other news the ED developers have confirmed that they have two addons in the works. One will add the Su-25(T) and a whole bunch of new improvements to avionics and such, the other will be a KA-50 Hokum addon (don’t know whether it will include any flyable US helos but I’m thinking not).

Looking forward to having another high fidelity helo sim, but I can’t see it living up to the greatness of LB2 or EECH with a campaign that’s as sterile as the ones found in Flanker and LOMAC. Still, I’ll take what I can get and am looking forward to it.

Is this the same Carl Norman who had been with SSI? Hasn’t he been making wargaming and simulations since the Apple II days? What’s he up to next?

Is this the same Carl Norman who had been with SSI?

Yup, that’s him - he was executive producer at SSI and producer on a number of their projects. There’s no word on what he’ll be working on now that he’s left LOMAC.

Well the post seems to suggest that he’s still working with TFC/ED on other projects, but won’t be supporting LOMAC in the forums any more.

The comment

Finally, thanks to a very select few at Ubi Soft

seems to suggest that it’s Ubi he’s none too impressed with.