Carmageddon and Wine

So, this is one of my alltime favorites. I’d love to get it up and running in our Linux gaming lab at the ACCRC, but I can’t find a copy anywhere. Some British sites are selling it, but that won’t get it here in time for our Saturday night network gaming festival. Anyone got any ideas where I can find this?

I’m only after the original, mind you. It’s the only one with decent network support.

Hrmm… found it here (via Home of the Underdogs)

However, overnight shipping is $30.95!

Besides a miracle in some random GameStop bargin bin, I’d say your best bet is the Usenet. Probably

I’ve got it, but I’m not parting with it. Even for $30.95!


I found this too, but it looks mighty shady…

Use at own risk.


… and I thought this thread was going to be about getting wasted before playing Carmageddon.