Carrier Air Group Releases!

Hello All,

“Carrier Air Group”, the expansion to Hornet Leader II was just released by Dan Verssen Games (

The expansion features several new aircraft: F-14s, A-6s, EA-6B, and E-2C. The game also adds 36 more pilot skill cards for the original 18 pilots. Two new campaigns, North Atlantic 1986 and Taiwan 2008, and their 36 target cards have also been added.

For people not familiar with Hornet Leader:
Hornet Leader is a solitaire board game where you get to command a squadron of US Navy aircraft on campaigns and missions around the world. A vital part of every mission is pilot selection (they all have different skills), and ordnance selection.

Just in time for the holidays. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like an Alpha Strike!

Thank you,
-Dan Verssen
Dan Verssen Games (DVG)