Carsharing anyone?

Recently our car went kaputt (2000€ for repairs, like 2000$). That’s it. I am not going to fix it. Instead we sold the car for 1000€. Since we live in a city, we joined the car sharing community. Something like this

and I feel totally free and liberated. I am not dependent anymore on that stupid, criminal automobile industry and their crappy, unecological, unethical products. Also I don’t have to fix a car anymore… It’s like divorce but better :-) Now I can have any car I want (it’s like going to a prostitut…wait, what ??? forget that ) Really, owning a car was a hefty pain in my wallet…

Any car sharing people in this forum?


How do you find the convenience of getting to and from the car? That seems like it would put a damper on a lot of activities if the pick up/drop off is not really close to where you live.

Depends a lot on the city you live in, I’d imagine.

right, we live pretty close (5 min.) to a parking garage with approx.15 car sharing cars… and we have many spots here in Stuttgart… The street we lived a month before had 2-4 car sharing cars within 5 min. of walking. If someone has a chance, I would suggest to calculate if you can save money…

I’ve been a member of Zipcar for a couple year, they seem to be the leader in the industry in the US, the’ve absorbed Flexcar and one other competitor (GreenCar or something?).

Honestly, for my usage patterns I’m probably better off just renting from an actual rental place (mostly use to go out of town on weekends), but I like the idea of it, including the de-centralized internet booking systems, which is a very clever idea, also the gas, e-toll pass, and insurance-included is nice.

The big hazard that I’ve heard is that if you are the last person to book a car right before they do a scheduled maintenance, any damage that hasn’t previously been reported may be charged to your account. So a friend of mine (who uses the Zipcars for business to visit clients) was charged something like $2000 for maintenance. When she called to complain they basically said “Yes, we know you didn’t actually do the damage to the car, but we’re charging you anyways. Sorry.”

I’ve been more vigilant about reporting damage since then, but I’m still using the service. I’ve never gotten a really messed up car, which is nice.

Note that in the future, I may be an employee of this company, but as it stands I’ve only used them. Anyways, our campus recently started a Hertz Connect Car sharing program, and it’s been a huge success. The two cars that we have (Soon to be expanded to more cars) are almost always booked. It’s perfect for freshman or students who don’t have rich families that can provide them with a car, and it’s also perfect for people who want to take a day trip to NYC, as it’s within the gas limit.

Easily one of the best programs that any city should have, and any college campus should have it as well.

Regarding car rental vs. car-sharing. Generally, once you’re above 25, the rates for standard car rental services drop to the point that anything longer than a day starts being comparable between Zipcar (and I assume other car sharing services prices are similar) and the cheaper car rental places (Budget, Alamo, etc). Convenience, etc, may still side with the car-sharing, but if you’re above college age, the cost savings become smaller.

For shorter (ie. < 8 hours) rentals, the car sharing is better simply because the rental places don’t have time increments that small.

You can have here a car sharing car for 25€ per day + 20 cent per kilometre (unlimited gas), I checked some rentals and they were around 75€ per day and you have to pay for the gas. So you need to make a calculation which one is cheaper ( for shorter trips car sharing is great… )