Cartographers Needed: Etrian Odyssey IV

Here or here, if you read Japanese.

With your visual proof


Reverse order but so delicious

Oh God yes…

Official announcement on Japan getting it first, as usual. It’s too niche for NA to get it with them, let alone Europe as they got Xenoblade before us. We’re bound to get it before them now.
I don’t care what they change; it’s going to improve the map-making again, have old monsters with the Ragealope and hopefully the Mortal Hunter/Stalker, sub-classes, stuff from the old games and I’ll be pre-ordering it.

About time too. And I need a 3DS. Expecting any changes? Any hopes and dreams for it? Ready to break out the first three for another go at the sadism of the post-game?

I really liked III but sadly that was the game I was playing when my DS screen died, and I never replaced the DS or ever got back into III, which I eventually sold.

This might get me to buy a 3DS (probably the second generation a year down the road).

Really too bad 3DS is not region free like the DS, or this would have been the first 3DS game I imported.

This is the first reason that I would really want a 3ds, however it would not work on a PAL one, so I’m conidering going for a jp or US model somewhere down the road, although I’m a bit afraid of that due to not being able to go into a local store if you get one with dead pixels or other problems…