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Trust me, it’s on the list. I’m loathe to leave the friends I’ve made and the state employee pension I’m slowly earning behind, but the gf wants to get the fuck out of racist dodge asap.

I’m crossing the Cascades tomorrow. Goin’ on a family vacation to Black Butte.

Sounds lovely, haven’t gotten that far south yet. Still want to do more central Oregon hiking. Have only gone as far as Silver Falls.

Have a Deschutes Porter while there!

Sure we do.

There’s Washington, Powell’s Books, and California.

Oh my. I remember seeing that sign as a kid and smiling a lot when I did.


Same. We moved to WA when I was 7, and that sign was one of my few memories from the first time driving around Seattle. Every time I see it, it brings back memories. Sad to see it go.

On Saturday when I venture down to West Seattle (from Bothell) to get donuts, I want to stop some where to get sunrise/water/city pictures to try out a new phone camera. Where should I go? Free, easy parking required. Also low junkie count preferred.

There’s the obvious spot at the tip of Alki on Harbor Ave. You can’t miss it.

Ahh that looks pretty perfect, thank you. Haven’t been to Alki in 30+ years. I am guessing I can just pull up and park for free easily enough at 6:30 am?

It’s free all the time, and Alki only has runners on it at 6 in the morning.

Early is best, too. The West Seattle Bridge is out of commission for a few years at least, and the detours are major choke points.

Hey, I live in West Seattle! You can get anywhere you want to be at 6:30, that’s usually when I go running and it’s dead out this time of year. You’ll see a lot of harbor seals and maybe even a sea lion or two out at that time of day.

Actually, I’d say up the hill from Alki, right here:

Dropped pin
Near Southwest, Seattle, WA 98126

Basically going up the hill to the California/Admiral junction. There’s a little park, and turnoff. On top of the hill, overlooking downtown, etc.

Thanks, I will check that out too. Google Maps has another photographic spot further west from that point as well. Higher up I guess?

It’s a nice viewpoint from that park. I didn’t recommend it because the last time I was there it was full of high school kids smoking weed, but it was a Friday evening in summer.

Happy Friday folks!

And just because I figure someone else will do it if I don’t -


It’s not over until they bring in the flamethrowers

It was cloudy enough I didn’t get any great pics. At one point there was some great golden clouds but I couldn’t get an unobscured view with anything interesting in front of them. Still haven’t looked at what I did get, I’m too scared.

So many quaint little houses with spectacular views. When I lived in FL a few years ago it seemed anything with a view was a huge mansion. But at Alki there was all these old, little houses full of character. I wanted to take pictures, but figured that was too weird.

No seals. It was freezing with a moderate wind. Just a few runners or people walking dogs.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I really need to get out more in Seattle. I used to love going out to take pictures, haven’t done it in years.

I love urban Seattle but does anyone else pronounce it Bot Hell?

All my early “night mode” shots suck. I used a tripod, but I noticed later in the morning that every time I hit the shutter button on the phone, the whole phone was moving. That was enough to ruin them all. I should have known better from my big camera days, use the timer.

Anyway, not a great picture, but this cracked me up because my first thought was a surprise that the BLM protests had reached Alki. (it says Blue Lives Matter.)

Bystander: “There’s been an accident on I-5.”
Dispatcher: “North or South bound?”
Bystander: “Yes”