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How does that even happen? Either went over or through the guardrails?

Fuck yeah, Inslee.


I know that wasn’t anywhere near Seattle, I don’t see any tents under the freeway.

(I am guessing that joke was probably made a hundred times already on Reddit?)

Unseasonably warm weather does have its advantages.

Are you ever able to see St Helens or Adams from there? I’ve had very clear views of them (when in the right areas) the last few weeks.

It’s true. I’m hanging out in the back yard right now with a cocktail. It’s lovely. My motorbike is kind of torn apart right now, though, so I don’t get to enjoy it to the fullest extent I’d like to.

No, they are much too far away. I was actually up on Rainier yesterday, though, at Paradise. Such a crazy juxtaposition of it being warm out, and still having the lodges completely buried in snow, several stories high.

How was the road to Paradise? Clear? Imagine it’s going to be madcap this weekend.

Surprising, because Seattle is closer than my hike the other weekend to either. I was about 110 miles from Adams when I took this picture (it showed up better in person)

120 miles seems to be about how far I can see them from if I go up in elevation. Even currently Adams is 85 miles from me in a straight line, and there are several places in the valley floor where I can see it from.

This is my drone. I can see Baker to the North, and Glacier Peak to the NE. Glacier Peak is a volcano and close, but it’s like the smallest of the range.

Absolutely, 100%, clear. Sure, much of it is walled in by 8-10’ high snowbanks, but the road itself is dry and clear. The one-way loop past the Paradise parking lot is still completely snowed in, though.

Weather has been beautiful this week. Spent a couple days working on spreading mulch in the yard and enjoyed the sunshine

BTW, I just heard on NPR that tomorrow is the start of National Parks Week, and entrance to them (ie, Rainier) is free on Saturday. So that, plus the weather, means it is probably going to be crazy up there.

There are few places in the world that are more mundanely beautiful than Western Washington on a gorgeous spring day.

Source: me, have travelled widely

Good news, everyone!

They supposedly did a test of this a month or two back, according to the local NPR station that morning. But I, nor anyone in my kitchen, got the alert- and when an Amber Alert goes off, everyone’s phone goes crazy at the same time, and this is the same system. Weird. Let’s hope it works…

I want this damn system. I’d install it on my PC in a heartbeat.

This was 10 years ago in Japan, and we still don’t have anything like it

Dude just stands there and keeps filming.

I’m pretty sure this is a similar system- they talked about it on the aforementioned NPR segment. It’s just taken us decades to build it out because funding is sporadic from the federal government. Perhaps a pc app like that will be coming.

Ooooo… I might drive this on Saturday. Would be nice to do it while the snow is still up in the pass.

Fun fact, North Cascades National Park doesn’t have an entrance fee. So you get to drive America’s Alps for free!