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So yeah, what do you think is Seattle’s best burger? I don’t know that I have a favorite but I’ve always gone back to the ol’ standbys like Dick’s. I’m sure there are some really good ones I’ve never tried though. And hey, if you Portland folks know any good joints, I’m always good for a road trip. Or anywhere else off the beaten path for that matter.

Dick’s is not the best burger. It’s not even a particularly good burger. That being said it’s something for which there is a time and a place and at that time and place it’s wonderful.

The burger over at Boat Bar (sister restaurant to Bateau) has gotten some pretty rave reviews, though I haven’t yet tried it. My hipster pick is the burger up at Baker’s up on Sunset Hill. Sadly they only offer it occasionally now; they don’t have a hood in their kitchen and making burgers was starting to cause some real damage so now it’s a special occasion thing.

No, I guess Dick’s isn’t the best burger but it’s probably the best fast food burger for my money. You can get better burgers lots of places - for instance, my local pub has a really great mushroom and swiss burger that I absolutely love, it’s way better than anything I can get at Dick’s. I bet lots of folks have local recommendations like that, stuff I’d never know existed.

Mr Bento Burger is my personal favorite, because they’re unique flavors, and they serve them with a side salad with a house sesame ginger dressing that’s incredible.

Katsu Burger gets my vote. Or my homemade lamb burgers with caramelized onions.

Haha, I started typing this earlier. But only once in a while, despite living just down the street from the original Georgetown location. Those things just weigh me down for the rest of the day, and I can’t resist the black sesame milkshake.

Oh hey, I’ve had a katsu burger, that is pretty good. Thanks for reminding me. Are they still around?


Cool, glad to hear they survived the pandemic.

The Perfect Burger at the Top Golf in Kirkland is surprisingly excellent.

Von’s 1000 Spirits in Woodinville has a pretty delicious burger.

But my absolute favorite is Quinn’s Pub in Capitol Hill. Amazing burger.

Skagit Valley Burger Express. Yes, not exactly Seattle but somewhat close enough. Old Railroad car converted to burger making heaven.

Cheery Fathers Day news from CNN for you Cascadians

I see these type of articles run about once a month.

Do a search by any variant of the following: “the big one in PNW” and you’ll get pages of’em.

Edit: oh and as I mentioned a year ago in this very thread, best place for a burger is Grub Hut in Kingston. ;)

This is the best video I’ve seen describing what’s happening

Is it good? I’ve been past there many times. Kingston already had the best pizza too (Sourdough Willy’s).

When we do get a tsunami, our house will be obliterated, so hopefully not anytime soon. (Edit: except not, because mountains)

I mean other than making my own following some variation of “The Menu” burger, Grub Hut is the only place I’ll go eat a hamburger out. Particularly like the Grub Hut burger, somehow throwing in an egg just works. Next time you’re in the area and it’s time for lunch grab one!

Oddly enough I’ve never gone, unless I misunderstand their menu they won’t make a pizza to order. Correct me if I’m wrong on that.

So I go to his original place on Brainbridge and order what I want at That’s A Some Pizza. Yeah, the name really does need some work, but the pizza is great.

That’s correct. No substitutions either. It’s weird, but the pizza is amazing. I trust their other place on BI is excellent as well.

The article they link to though, this one, has the real meat of the story. It’s difficult to follow for a layperson like me, but it sure seems to back up the dire warnings.

Oh yeah, I’m not disputing we’re screwed. I’m just saying I hear about it constantly.