Case suggestion

I’m looking for a midtower case for my new computer. It will have an asus amd sli board, sound and video card 2 hard drives 2 dvdroms. I would like a good case and a set of fans to go with it.

I would like something that keeps it cool and is quite. Style is ok, but I don’t need a case that looks like a transformer. I have read some reviews for cases, but I’m still looking any suggestions would be great.

We really, really like the Antec P180:

Might be a little to tall for you. But if you plan on doing SLI, bigger is definitely better.

Get a Loyd. Best Case around.

ARRG! Beat me to it.


Aw, shucks… :oops:

Whats your price tag?

What about the Sonata II?

I have the first one, I love it, but it gets pretty warm, so I’d have to add another Fan.


Is the Loyd case a joke? I don’t know it.

I bought an earlier version (1080AMG) of this and have been extremely happy with it. I think our house could fall on it and the computer would still be safe, powered and cool.

You’ve probably already noticed the trend, but many people seem to like Antec cases. I have a Sonata and it was a great case for a DIY PC… plenty of room for components and intelligent design. The side-mounted HD rack, in particular, is a really nice touch.

Click here, go 'bout halfway down the page. Lloyd Case == “Case” here on QT3 (ie, the guy who posted re: the P180 earlier).

How’s this?

How’s this?

How’s this?

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No idea – can’t see the contents of the basket from that URL.

No idea – can’t see the contents of the basket from that URL.

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Antec makes good stuff but I’d go with a lian li, worth the extra cash.

Antec Lanboy… Good size (you wanted midtower), aluminum mostly, hard drive rails facing out of case, 120mm case fans, free carrying strap set, window… front side ports for audio, usb 2.0, and firewire.

I’d say Lloyd is the best Case out there.