Case suggestion

Stevie Case has a bigger rack.

Well well well… I guess you’re meant to find the lotion to put in the basket.


I’m not a fan of the new Lian Li’s that look like G5 ripoffs though. The mesh stuff doesn’t help block noise very well. I do love my PC7077B though, and there’s a midtower version, the 6077. Sturdy, very well made, cools very well, and is pretty quiet. It also doesn’t have a door in front of the drives. I HATE doors in front of drives now, after having an Antec 1040A and Coolermast Wavemaster I’m just sick of them. They’re pretty, but I far prefer the Lian Li optical drive covers, no extra steps when I need to swap CD’s.

We already did that joke in this thread.

I’m currently using this. I’ve been pretty happy with it.

if you liked the Sonata, you’ll probably like Sonata II.

The main differences are:

  1. 270-degree double hinged door, so it swings all the way around to the side of the case.

  2. The holes that spell “Antec” are gone from the side panels

  3. comes with a bigger power supply, but if you’re doing two high-end SLI cards you’ll probably need more anyway. Especially with lots of drives.

  4. Has a big plastic air duct that goes from the back of the case, makes two 90-degree turns, and vents cool air on top of your CPU.

  5. The fan has a switch for three speeds. Low and Medium are good, high is really loud.

In general, it is cooler and quieter than the original. But the air duct for the CPU makes it slightly more annoying to put a system together in.

review and pics:,1697,1834322,00.asp

Still debating on the case and the card but here’s what I got so far

AMD 64 3800+ 366.00
2WD 740GD RAPTOR SATA 447.00
3.5 floppy drive 5.00
DELL 2405FPW LCD 770.00
SONY DRU720A 69.99
SONY 16X DVD ROM 24.99

I really dig the Antec Aria:

Holy shit… I am gonna get a sonta II. That is bad ass.

I ordered this case today after doing some research. I have a brand new Antec Truepower 2.0 550W PSU that I was going to put in my old case, but I decided to upgrade after reading some reviews and chatting with folks that own this case.

The Aria isn’t going to work with the rig shieldwolf is configuring. It’s also a bit noisy and very cramped, even given its intended purpose. I built a PC for a coworker using the Aria, and its nice, now that its finished, but it was a bitch to assemble, test, and attempt some desparate measure of cord management.

I also like the Sonata II, or, since you’re going for broke, the Antec P180 and a separate PSU.

You’re aware that the Thermaltake Armor is HUGE right?

Oh yea, it’s huge. It is actually shorter than my current case, so I’m happy :-).

Just as an update, I got my Thermaltake Armor yesterday. Excellent case! It isn’t as tall as my current full tower, but it is a little wider and much roomier. It has a very nice array of fans that my current Antec tower doesn’t possess. Packaging and instructions are first rate. They do indeed include a cloth to clean your case, as was mentioned in the reviews.

Overall, worth the expense I think.

Totally. They are just so well built, and so well laid out. I have a PC-61, and I dig the minimalist lines. Too many of the enthusiast cases are just way too gaudy-looking for my tastes (that Antec Armor case is not too shabby, though). This one is easy to disassemble (everything is held together by thumbscrews), and the hard drive cage and motherboard tray both slide right out of the case on rails.