Castle Building Sims?

Does anybody know of any new castle building sims that might be coming out or that are planned?

I liked Stronghold a lot, but I was also somewhat disappointed with some of the limitations. This genre would really do well in 3D.

What I’d like to see is a 3D tile or building-block based castle building game. It’s one thing to be able to build the walls and towers, but it would be quite another to get unlimited freedom to put together a castle of your own design.

I even played around with the morrowind editor hoping that I might be able to just have some fun building a castle, but it turned out to be a lot more difficult than I expected.

Anybody else interested in this kind of thing?

Me Me Me

I have always hated Impressions economic simulations…never seem to be able to get what works vs what does not. My favorite game in this genre was written back in the mid 90’s by Mindscape. Let you summon up bunches of units and fight it out over a castle on either side. I want Helm’s Deep in a game. If I can design the castle as well…thats gravy. Even Medieval Total War did not quite capture what I think this would be like. I felt I did not sufficient control in my castle sieges of my units to really feel like I was directing the battle.

Are you thinking of Siege?

Great game.

Got Stronghold Crusaders? Probably much the same as stronghold but more levels and stuff. Personally I’m still holding out for the “real Dungeon Keeper”, something that lets me design devious dungeons and harrass honourable heroes as they try to storm them…

Nope. Since I was kind of disapointed with some of the limitations of the game, I wasn’t really interested in Crusaders.

My gripe is this:

So you can design the walls. Fine. But you can’t design their exact height, their exact thickeness, and you can’t make them curve or go over obstacles.

You can add towers, but only a few pre-fab designs.

You can add a keep, but you can’t design the keep.

Crusaders didn’t change any of this as far as I know.

I agree, I was somewhat disappointed with the original Stronghold myself. The combat engine and the actual castle building were barely more refined than the rather primitive stuff we got in Caesar. The focus was still on building farms and villages and figuring out how to run the economy.

Has anyone heard of Castles and Catapults? I think it is a bargain bin title from Infogrames. I cannot find much info on it, but it is at EB. It looks like an updated and 3D version of the extremely fun old arcade and SNES port Ramparts.

Here it is at EB.

Holy crap that looks terrible.


My favorite screenshot was the one of the castle in a castle

I repeat: holy crap.

You know, I was about to click submit, but I want to add the following:


That does not mean it couldn’t be fun!! A friend of mine and I still break out Ramparts now and again. The little Tetris like build phase, placement of little or jumbo cannons, and then FIRE!

Tyjenks! Have you been hanging out with French people? Wake up! The walls are 47 feet thick and 62 feet high in that screenshot.

That’s not a game, it’s a highschool project.

You know what? I take it back. The walls aren’t 47 feet thick.


I would rather draw castle plans on college rule paper with only a pink pen and a straight edge made from a banana peel than play that “game.”

Well, I guess that is kinda why I asked if anyone knew anything about it. It looks like shit, but so does Astral Tournament, but I have been playing the livin’ shite outta that.

Astral tournaments graphics are commensurate with the type of game it is. They look fine.

The graphics of Castles & Catapults make it look like a lego building simulator. A bad one. With 100x100 foot square legos.

Alright! You win!! It obviously sucks as it was bargain priced and there is no press on it anywhere. See why I am so cynical most of the time. I try to be a little positive about a probably dismal title and someone comes along in their Taxi and splashes cold, muddy water all over me.

Thanks for snuffing out the last burning ember of hope I had for this game and my life and the world .

Have you actually tried it?

I remember wasting hours away with my buddy back in the days of yore playing Ramparts.

No, I was hoping someone had. It will be priced to move even lower than $19.95 soon enough and I will pick it up then. A google search turned up nothing a couple of weeks ago. Well there was the 3 sentence blurb on the Infogrames site and the developer had the title under a coming soon banner. Not looking good when the developer will not even talk about it on their ownnn site.

I think Castles & Catapults is the US version of a German game called Ballerburg. (A lot of Ascaron’s stuff is getting picked up for US release of late; their Pirates!-style game, Port Royale, is due in June.) Fun stuff, too, but it’s not really castle development game so much as a 3D version of the old Scorched Tanks/Artillery games.

Lords of the Realms 3 comes out in September.

And I suspect Firefly will make another Stronghold game for Gathering, though I don’t think anything’s been announced.


I have tried the Ballerburg demo…meh.

Our own Adam at Sierra is head mouthpiece or something or other for LotR III. I try to get info from him now and again, but I think my frequent bouts of forum idiocy have disuaded him from replying to my inquiries.

Stronghold is so close to being a really good game. It is missing something. I found that a good build route worked for nearly every scenario.

Siege was the game I was thinking of. The other was Castles by Interplay. Someone else pointed out the major flaw in Stronghold for me. The farms, logging crap get in the way of the building in the one game and the scenario/campaign was annoying as they made it hard by testing how fast you could get units on the map and then by throwing waves at you that of you wasted any troops resulted in a loss.

In some ways, I don’t think that Stronghold was really much superior to Castles II by Interplay. The graphics were obviously better, but given the long number of years between those two games, I would have expected more.

I dunno, maybe I’m asking too much. What I’m really looking for is a game that’s almost similar to The Sims, but that focuses in extreme detail on building castles. The Sims allowed you to do a lot with the house building interface.