Castlevania series on Netflix

I thought this was mentioned somewhere but my searching didn’t turn up any results.

It has a teaser now:

All of my hell-the-fuck-yes.

Omg this could actually be good

Making sure that @tomchick knows it is anime inspired so that he can watch the trailer without fear of spoilers.

The first part is very clever.

Wow, looks cool.

Looks like it’s based on Castlevania III. Isn’t that Sypha?

EDIT: Anyway, it’s anime. Boo.

Looks familiar.

I’m hyped. Castlevania is a series for me that I will love even when it doesn’t entirely deserve it. Lords of Shadow 2 was FINE, okay?

The characters I think I can see are ginger Simon, blondie Alucard, and qt Sypha. Who’s the black haired guy at 0:52? Trevor? I’m guessing the guy saying “the man who will kill dracula” is Alucard.

Me, to my gf last night:

I really liked it myself!

From the same creator:

Noticed that this was up on Netflix today.

I was going to check this out, but my cousin told me it was super, super dark and gory. That’s… kind of frustrating. I sometimes feel animated films are really gross just because they can be. Anyone confirm?

Castlevania is a series that’s featured title screens with blood dripping from the logo, cutscenes featuring cults performing virgin sacrifices, main characters that explode into blood when they die, and plenty of other gross gory things. If anything, I’d be surprised if a Castlevania animation weren’t dark and full of bloodsprays and gore.

Whoa, really? I don’t really remember stuff like that.

Then again, the last time I played a Castlevania game it looked like this:

Well if you were to pick a ‘last time to play Castlevania’, that’s a damn solid choice.

It’s also the last new Castlevania I played as well, FWIW.

Stuff toned down a bit in the GBA/DS era - the games I was referring to were on SNES, PC Engine CD, and PSX respectively.

It is, but it suits the source material.

It’s super gory. Including graphic violence against women/children/babies. So trigger warning if you are squeamish.