Casual - A Hulu original series

This is a mostly quality dramedy on Hulu that focuses on a newly separated mother who has moved into her brother’s house with her daughter. The humor is uncomfortable and dark, but also quite effective in its rawness. It takes a few episodes to get rolling, but it gets better as the characters get fleshed out and their actions start to make sense.

Frances Conroy (probably best known for her roles as the older version of the maid, the angel of death, etc. in American Horror Story) swoops in as their free-spirited but also awful mother in an early episode and the true meat of the series really begins. I absolutely loved the whole thing but there is a lot to turn people off as well. Everyone is flawed to some degree and they fuck up enough to possibly not be very likable. I think this series is a slightly lesser version of Amazon’s Transparent, so if that didn’t do it for you then this may not either.

This was originally rolled out on a weekly basis, but all ten episodes are now in place for viewing.

So…season 3 just started.

Characters are all reacting to the end of season 2. Their mom gives a laugh out loud revelation at the end of episode 1.

I love this show.

I’m working my way through S2. I liked the show enough to recommend it to my sister. We actually have a similar relationship as the actors on the show.

Boyd we should totally be Netflix buddies. We like the same stuff. There was only one thing you liked I didn’t like (I forget which one).

I am cool with the whole Netflix buds idea as long as that one thing isn’t Fleabag.

She’s cool, we’re good.

I never did use the buddy feature before it disappeared.