Casual DOTA, anyone?

So im sitting here and thinking about a time when i, then reluctantly, decided to play a game of DotA with my friends. My relationship with DotA up to that point had been a classic case of love-hate. I like the game and the concept but the people online on are just too hardcore. You literally can’t do anything without being called a noob.
Im wondering if there’s anyone else out there, preferably in Europe, who feels the same. Maybe we can get a game together? Or if anyone knows some spots on the internet where DotA is played by people who actually dont have the 25 step item ‘‘build-order’’ memorized, that would be great too.


League of Legends is apparently more casual, though I’ve never played it. Demigod is definitely more casual.

Heroes of Newerth has player ranking systems and you can play in noob-only games (though odds are someone will still yell at you or they’ll have lots of DOTA experience and beat on you, standing up for yourself often results in people saying “lay off the noob.”)

As for clones, it doesn’t get more casual than Minions.