Cat Person - New Yorker's viral hit

Huh, they don’t for me, what’s it look like on your screen?


Just silly enough to amuse me.

Hah, that’s awesome, I wish iOS did that.

I’m glad you posted that, @RickH, because here’s what it looks like for me:


Now I want to read fire’s book!

Heh, I see it even worse.


Yeah you do!

Unicode Emoji support requires a modern OS and a modern browser working in tandem. It is ultimately an OS font issue.

Yeah, I can totally see why my using of chrome v63 and windows 8.1(the horror!) is considered outdated by web developers.

Though to be frank, I could care less about emojii. It’s not really an issue worth bothering with.


Practice with a banana!

Or wait. What fruit do you use for kiss practice?

Me too!

I read and enjoyed this story. I don’t get all the hate. Dating is complicated. The writer captured some of that complication. I say that’s pretty good.

Why is it called Cat Person? If he’d pretended to have a dog, would it have worked out differently do you think?

I don’t really get the hate either. The topic is, well, topical and interesting and I thought she did a good job. I can see how the abrupt ending would irritate some, but then again short stories often end abruptly and I look at this piece as being a kind of short story.

There are thousands of these already. I’m not sure if it’s useful to make another of the HER section in long form.

lol, the humor in that only works because it’s something most people can relate with.


I liked it, but damn.

It’s not surprising at all. Publishers want to put a sticker on the front of a book saying “From the author of ‘Cat Person’, the viral short story which took social media by storm!”

Meanwhile tens of thousands of talented yet unpublished writers around the world weep and gnash their teeth.