Cat Quest, it's more fun than a ball of yarn!

Cat themed Skyrim / Zelda mash up.


Played it on iOS. Great game.

Um … hmm. While I’d suggest investing in a handheld device which applies dominion over an on-screen character as it’s far easier for this only slightly younger player, I used hit & run attacks A LOT.

Yes that’s the one. And I did lure out the smaller dragons before attempting him. Level 18-20 sounds like I need to grind a bit more.

Yes, hit & run is the nature of the beast, my problem is that the control scheme gets me because I inadvertently click the mouse which stops my roll-away and instead has me attacking. I have gotten whacked a lot because of me clicking.

NO CLICKING the mouse! Just hit space bar! I’m trying to drill that into my head.

LOL - yeah, true. I also didn’t put as much stock in magic as I should have. Those spells can be super helpful in boss fights for “drive by” attacks.

So getting to level 21 was a LOT easier to handle that dragon. Now I’m up to level 32, just finished the quest to get water walking, and the dragon in the lake is going to require many more levels to tackle. Ouch.

There are tons of quests to do which makes leveling interesting, so not too bad of a grind (there was a point when I hit level 9 where I did have a problem finding level appropriate quests, but now I’m finding I’m overleveled for quite a few of them). Although I have yet to figure out how to get the golden key quest done. Those presents take me out in one hit. Not a lot of leeway.

Yeah remember to head back south to the starting areas as some quests do appear there, or at least they did for me. :)

So I completed the main quest line in this at level 80. Considering there are quests for level 99 (and 200 - which I believe is a joke much like the level 0 find the golden key quest) and I’ve only completed 25% of the achievements, the game does want you to stick around.

Without a reset on the skills, grinding is the only way to see how some of these truly work, unless you want to do another game (they offer a “mew game” and a “game+” restart options). I ended up with a pretty lethal combination of Flamepurr, HealingPaw, FreezePaw and Cattraps. Many probably didn’t take healingpaw, but I found it indispensable to completing dungeons. I toyed around with Purserk - 100% more damage but it rewards you by sticking in the fight and not dodging so you end up losing a lot of health, and I never really gave AstroPaw a go. While I have 7 skills, there are a lot of empty slots. Not sure for a mew game or future DLC or what.

At 10 hours to get to the end, it’s a brisk game and there are tons of cat puns. While I did have some difficulty in the beginning with dodge (NO CLICKING), I was reasonably competent by the end.

Recommended. Thanks to @lordkosc for highlighting this during the steam sale!

Psst! If you want a little Easter egg, go to the starting point and head south across the ocean

I’m a cat aficionado so I must indulge.

Please confirm. I should be playing Cat Quest 1 not 2 as latter is an announced sequel but you all are talking about CQ1.

PC = preferred over iOS so I can mouse it with my 27” instead of peering into an Apple device.

Yes, this is Cat Quest 1 and not 2. Normally $12.99, it was on sale for $5.99 I think during the steam sale.

Cat quest 2 is not out yet, but I guarantee it will be as fun as 2 balls of yarn!

ha-ha. Cool !

This thing is cute, but not quite too cute. Also plays very nicely (PS4 version). Feels like a Zelda love letter.

This is on sale for under $6 on the Nintendo eShop for switch right now.

Awe yes! Pawtner up in Cat Quest 2, on September 24th!

Nice! I’ll definitely be grabbing the new one. I had a lot of fun playing through the first game on PS4.

I have to admit as a dog person, this cat game is pretty good!

Also, full marks for getting a genuine laugh out of me at the conclusion of the King Lionardo quest. Sometimes I wonder how they can possibly keep it up.

This thing has come out of nowhere to completely eat my Saturday. What a fun, light, funny little game - I didn’t know how much I needed it.

Glad to hear you both enjoying it!