Cat Quest, it's more fun than a ball of yarn!

Yes, this is Cat Quest 1 and not 2. Normally $12.99, it was on sale for $5.99 I think during the steam sale.

Cat quest 2 is not out yet, but I guarantee it will be as fun as 2 balls of yarn!

ha-ha. Cool !

This thing is cute, but not quite too cute. Also plays very nicely (PS4 version). Feels like a Zelda love letter.

This is on sale for under $6 on the Nintendo eShop for switch right now.

Awe yes! Pawtner up in Cat Quest 2, on September 24th!

Nice! I’ll definitely be grabbing the new one. I had a lot of fun playing through the first game on PS4.

I have to admit as a dog person, this cat game is pretty good!

Also, full marks for getting a genuine laugh out of me at the conclusion of the King Lionardo quest. Sometimes I wonder how they can possibly keep it up.

This thing has come out of nowhere to completely eat my Saturday. What a fun, light, funny little game - I didn’t know how much I needed it.

Glad to hear you both enjoying it!

2nd game has been released!

Why is there a dog in this game? I have been misled.

This anti-dog agenda is impawerable. It’s about time those two started getting along.

There’s a dog in the first game as well! An impawster, you might say.

Just finished the original, what a blast! I’m now furry prone to using cat puns wherever pawssible.

Getting the sequel is a given. More dogs, yay!

I don’t think I’d even heard of the first game, but the second one is on Apple Arcade so I spent a few minutes with it last night. I like it so far; I wonder how the touch controls will hold up. Do you end up needing to do anything complicated?

Games like this are on Apple Arcade? So it’s a phone/tablet game? Or is it on the Mac? Is the Mac still a thing? Or does Apple Arcade also have PC games?

How could this possibly be playable on a touch screen? It’s all about ducking in, firing off a few hits and a spell or two, then dodging out. That’s three or four different buttons on a controller.

Must be meow-gic.

I’ve just played the tutorial and one quest. You tap somewhere to move, you tap an enemy to auto-attack, you double-tap (anywhere) to dodge away from an enemy. Tap your character and hold to bring up the magic spells.

That’s going to be lethal later, there’s no time for a hold when casting attack spells in most cases.