So I went over to and started reading their forums for a while. And this word “catass” seems to be extremely common among jaded RPGers. I have generally inferred what it means, but I’m wondering if someone out there can clue me in… what the hell is the etymology of this word?

Well, there was this article in Salon, I think, written by a guy who had a friend that went off the deep end due to EQ “addiction.” You know, quit his job, stopped bathing, that sort of thing.

Anyhow, the author goes to visit said friend, and the house is like hip-deep in empty pizza boxes and discarded ramen packages, and the whole apartment smells like a combination of rotting food and months-old kitty litter.

“Cat ass” described the smell, then was used to describe people that spent too much time in a virtual world, to the detriment of the real world.

I believe it originated on Lum the Mad’s site, and then spread in the Post-Lum Diaspora. I searched for the article via Google but was unable to locate it, or the old Glossary of Lum the Mad that described the origin. Since he posts/reads here infrequently, he can correct me (or not) as he sees fit.

Here’s the original article, and here’s the LtM article, and here’s a picture of a tractor.

“Den of Cat Ass and Murdered Time.”

Suddenly I feel a whole lot better that I have never gotten into online RPG’s.

That’s one hell of a tractor Lum.

This is amazing stuff. I wonder if there are any support groups for these people. I have this friend…

Remember, Andrew, it isn’t the size of the tractor that matters, it is what you can do with it.

I find it stunning that people really see these online communities as being important enough to justify allowing a total breakdown of their non-online lives!

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that these communities are important to people, and I would be a hypocrite if I said otherwise…I spend way to much time yammering with you ding-dongs to claim otherwise!

But if you neglect your offline existence to the extent that you are missing the rent and living in filth, then it doesn’t matter how important the other community is, you’ve got a serious problem that you need to take care of.

More often than not, it’s not the game’s fault if it enables your own self-destructive tendencies.

The game’s a symptom, not a cause. While virtual worlds probably push more buttons for some types of folks than booze or drugs might, it’s still an escape from something within.

Note I mean when abused to the extent that this article describes. Taking a toke of EQ weed every now and again probably never hurt anyone 8)

Except maybe family and friends, who don’t really get why you spend time at the computer when you could be with them, doing things together. This behaviour is pushing you away from them. In the end they will give up trying to understand, and you will have long forgotten about those who “don’t get it” about computer games.
Cattass ensues.
Fade to black.
The End.

For me, the thing that pushes me over the edge is firewood.