Catastrophe - Amazon Original Series

This is a dark grey comedy about an American who travels to London on business, meets a woman, they have a ton of sex over the course of a week or so and she ends up pregnant. Being a pretty good guy, he decides to stick around for the sake of the baby.

The too leads are charming and slightly older (late 30’s, early 40’s). Their banter is very funny and they are surrounded by a bunch of friends and family whose insanity helps make the slightly insane premise look grounded in comparison. There are only six episodes so far, which I think is a good run to test the waters with a concept.

I loved it and think it is the best thing from Amazon since Transparent (which is completely brilliant and a must watch). There is not much to compare it to, but is a nice, dirty sitcom.

This isn’t actually an Amazon Original Series. They licensed it from Channel 4 in England. I watched it when it aired over there and it’s quite funny. It’s created and written by the two leads so it’s tailored to their skills as actors. Another series has already been ordered so there will be six more coming soon.

Cool, looking forward to more.

I did see Channel 4 in the credits. I guess I just confused Amazon Exclusive with Amazon Original.

So Channel 4 just goes with all of the swearing? There are a whole lot of fucks, cunts, dicks and assholes being thrown about.

Yes. Swearing after the watershed (9pm) is fine.

Grantland’s Andy Greenwald gives Catastrophe a hearty thumbs up.

Really, really loving this show. It works for me on many levels. Only decided to give it a shot because I’m a big Sharon Horgan fan.

Season two came out yesterday. 6 more shows. The setting is later into their marriage, just as their second child is born.

I was quite a bit less charmed this time around. They were this feisty calm at the center of the storm last season but their fundamental incompatibility is the focus now and that takes a lot of the wind out of the sails. Lots of bickering and not a lot of love. There are still some good laughs in there, but there is not much to cheer for.

I am of the same mind. Really liked Season One. Feisty but sweet. And really funny.

The fight at the end of Season One just seemed to go from 0 to 60 and come out of nowhere, and that tone persisted through what I have seen of Season Two (episode 4). It’s just mean and uncomfortable. Some bits of funny here and there and I really like the performers, but gosh those two people should not be together.

After a few episodes of Season One I couldn’t wait to share the show with my wife. Now, not so much.

I’m a few episodes into season one and I’m really enjoying this show.

I don’t know anything about the writing process here, but one of the things I love about it is that so much of the dialogue comes off like the conversations you’d hear between two working road comics sitting in a shitty motel room (they’re forced to share while working the annual office party circuit) on their off night bullshitting to each other as comedians do, trying to top each other by dropping their sickest burns and most offensive jokes on one another that they can’t typically perform in front of a live, vanilla audience.

Again though, I don’t know anything about the writing, who does it, how much of it might be improv, but this style of dialogue and humor is totally up my alley.

And every scene with that sociopathic OB-GYN is gold.

Finished all 4 seasons. Good show. I enjoyed season one most of all when I could still find a couple characters somewhat relatable, but the last three seasons turned every person on the show into an unlikable skanky shit stain, so it was hard to root for anybody but the grim reaper by that point. At times this show did Shameless better than Shameless (which isn’t actually all that hard, really).

I think the best part of the show were those moments Rob and Sharon just laid in bed talking, unfortunately they became too infrequent later on in the series, and too much of their own bullshit got in the way of the fun (not the comedy, just the fun) that the show started forgetting to deliver after season one.