Catch-22 from David Michod and starring George Clooney on Hulu in May

Just a heads up for people. I haven’t watched the trailer, but here it is:

Art Garfunkel or GTFO

I kid, I kid

Looks good! Flynn.

I might watch that. It seems like a hard book to change into a movie or show

Haven’t watched it in forever, but I don’t recall feeling that it did the book justice.

This looks phenomenal. And hey, free Hulu subscription from Spotify.

I enjoyed the direct quotes from the book and the Orson Welles scene. It’s good background noise if you, like me, aren’t going to re-read the book anytime soon.

Nobody watching this? I binged my way through yesterday and it was OK. I don’t know the source material, but it kinda reminded me of The World According to Garp. Ironic humor, some laughs, some drama, but also very old school, like it was written for the stage.

The main character reminded me of a young Billy Crystal.

Eventually… I don’t have an active Hulu sub right now, and just joined CBS All Access to catch up on a few exclusive shows there from the last 2 years…

I didn’t realize it was up. I’ll definitely check it out.

I watched the first 3 eps last week with the gal- it’s her favorite book of all time. I thought it was coming out weekly like The Handmaid’s Tale, but nope, they dropped it all at once.

It’s okay. Lots of dialogue/scenes lifted whole from the book (which is great!), but it’s all in chronological order (as opposed to the book’s jumping around in time), which seems to rob a lot of the events of their impact. I mean things like the ‘dead man in Yossarian‘s tent’ which are referred to constantly but not explained until over halfway through, but in the show happen pretty early. Ditto for Yo’s big event that triggers his crisis- it informs the whole book, but you don’t actually see it happen/what it is until almost the end- done this way, there’s no mention of it at all, and I expect it to happen in episode 4 (of 6). It is pretty, and well-acted, though.I

What did your gal think of it? It’s in my top 5 books of all time, and I would also call it the funniest book of all time, but it seems to be that so many of the best jokes are particular to the way in which language is used to express them, so I am wary of any visual adaptation.

EDIT: Actually, after rereading your thoughts it is clear you have read the book too, I was just looking for an opinion of someone already very familiar with the book, so thanks!

Yeah, I’ve read it 2.5 times or so- it gets really dark, and the last time I just didn’t get through it to the end. I do love the dialogue, too, which is why I specifically called or that they used so much of it, straight off the page.

I’d say watch it. Where we’re at (halfway through) it hasn’t gotten as dark as the book, but I can see it coming, and I wonder how they’re thing to handle that.

I should re-read the book. I haven’t read it since college (which would be 45 years ago) so it would be nice to revisit it.

That said, I watched the first episode and liked it more than I thought I would. I didn’t think it would compare favorably to the movie, but I guess I was wrong.

If it’s in chronological order doesn’t that kind of defeat the point? I read it back in high school so I’m fuzzy on details but I recall the nonlinear storytelling being pretty integral to the story.

Yeah, that’s what I meant by ‘chronological order seems to rob some of the events of their impact’. But I’m only half done, and the production is otherwise well done (acting, effects, etc), so it’s still enjoyable, and I’m curios to see how they handle the second half.

As I recall from trying to read the book last year (and failing–something about Heller’s writing style rubs me the wrong way, like, a lot) the book starts with the scene of Yossarian in the hospital being irritated by the Texan.
Are the bombers supposed to be B-24 Liberators, BTW?
Jebus what those guys had to go through, though.

Edit: the actress that plays Nurse Duckett is Tessa Ferrer, the granddaughter of Jose Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney. No wonder she’s so good looking. Plus she plays the part with a no-nonsense attitude that lets you know she means business.

Wow, is that how the novel ends, with Yossarian basically a fatalistic basket case who goes on infinite missions in the nude?

So… wassup? I just watched episode one.
Anyway. I like the book and loved the film and…
…well this was okay… but nothing more than that. It feels more like a straight re-telling of the events of the book, which is fine, but it doesnt have the cast or the ‘vibe’ f the movie, which in my mind captured the book perfectly.
Milo has potential, and maybe hgh laurie might turn out ok, but the guy playing yossarian is forgettable.
Hopefully its just a meek start. I’ll watch the rest, because I love the story, but I was hoping for a tv series in the style of the movie and this is not it.

Movie clip: