Catch-all Europe isn't that great thread

It is. I kinda think we’re still in the invasive species era of smartphones and social media. Over the course of just a few years suddenly everyone was online and available for mass influence. Europe’s lagging the USA by a few years but it’s going to happen. Far right ideology relies on dumb people and echo chambers, so humanity was ripe for it, it just needed an attack vector.

In Finland the nationalistic / anti-EU / right-wing populist party collapsed completely, from around 20% to 8%. What’s different? They’re members of the current coalition government.

Just goes illustrate the point a bunch of us were making in this thread last month, about how having these parties in governing coalitions isn’t a disaster. They can’t actually do that much damage did to being just a part of a coalition, but they are held accountable by the voters in a way that opposition parties never are.

In Sweden you see a surge for the socialist coalition grabbing 57% of the votes. The right-wing party only mustered 14%. The remaining votes went to the non-socialist coalition.

With a voting paticipation of 50% it is hard to see any trends in the result. Compare this to the national election of 2022 when 85% cast their votes. There is a lot of people not voting in the EU election.

You’re right, it does go a long way toward supporting your point!

None of that is coincidence. The East didn’t just fall to a sudden pandemic of racism and misanthropy. It’s the result of decades of bad policy, bad leadership, and an economic system that only works for specific groups.

The people who are blamed for it, and end up having to pay the price, are never the ones responsible.

Where do minorities (turks, poles?) live in Germany? Poor neighborhoods in West Germany, or East Germany?

Not a direct answer, but most common immigrant nationality by municipality:

Interesting that there is an enclave of Americans in the SW corner of the country.

Are those yellow stars Vietnamese flags? I had no idea Germany had a large population of Vietnamese. I assume the other big ones are Turkish flag and Russian flag? Plus a smattering of Ukraine, Austria, and Poland?

There is definitely more Poland than Russia there. (Be careful to not mix up Russia and Netherlands. They’re both white blue red horizontal stripes, but in different order. Poland and Austria are another tricky pair.)

Nor did I when I first saw the map. Per Wikipedia, about 100,000 non-citizen Vietnamese residents. Not sure what criteria the map uses.

Big American military bases. You can see another one in Bavaria.

I’m surprised at the Portuguese, because Germany is not usually known as a place that the Portuguese emigrate to in large numbers.

But Luxembourg apparently is (or was), and that is right on the border.

This story is kind of cool. If I have it right: an Italian teacher was in Hungary, and while there, she was arrested for beating the crap out of some neo-nazis. She was looking at some serious jail time. But then she was elected as a member of the European Parliament! And since MEP’s have parliamentary immunity, she got a get out of jail free card! I hope she’ll be an effective politician, but not a bad start to a parliamentary career.

And, not that it makes a difference to the quality of her rule, Ilaria has a nice smile as well.

On the other hand, an “influencer” here with an extreme far right message ran on his own platform to get elected MEP and get a respite from the 10+ cases against him.

He won.

The US has a similar sitch with a certain executive position.

The immunity applies retroactively?