Catch-all Europe isn't that great thread

I hope the US can pull off the trifecta.

Fuck yeah! Go France!

The data on wikipedia seems to contradict these early reactions. Turnout in first round was 66.71% and in second round 66.63%.

Just like the UK election the results were great in terms of seats, but otherwise quite depressing:

1st round vote share (again from wikipedia):

33% far right
28% left
21% centre

2nd round vote share:

37% far right
26% left
24.5% centre

Interesting how the imperfections in these democracies are keeping out the anti-democratic forces.

It seems like Ensemble and the left coalition acted very tactical in the second round. In many districts the party that became the smallest party in the first round stepped down so the voters only had two alternatives to chose from; the far right or either of Ensemble or the left coalition.

They did the same in the presidential election when the voters in the second round had to chose between Macron or Le Pen.

It is an interesting system that makes all votes count in the second round. Though I wonder how it feels to vote for Ensemble if you are a socialist at heart or vice versa.

Turnout, at 66.63%, was the highest in a parliamentary second round since 1997. Even if RN’s vote held up, this time it was having to contend with non-RN votes often being used tactically to create a “barrage” or block against them.

From: What just happened in France's shock election? - BBC News

So not too shabby a turn out.

Probably not that different from voting for any D no matter who they are or what they promise just to avoid the Trump led GOP. Perhaps a little worse because the French are used to being able to have influence even as a minority party but probably not that different.

Germans, correct me if I’m wrong but is that SW area with lots of “Amis” the “Saarland” as it’s known? And it’s clear that the vast majority of people or foreign heritage are kids/grandkids of the Turkish Gastarbeiter of yore, at least in the territory of the original BRD/FRG.

Man, I miss Germany (lived in/near Heidelberg for about 1.5 years total). Of course the last time I spent any time there was the Eighties so obviously it’s substantially different now. The fall festivals, the Christkindlmärkte, Brötchen mit Bratwurst und Senf, the whole nine yards. I learned to drink real beer there, and came back to the States just when the whole microbrew revolution was kicking off.

Are these Reichsbürger people the ones planning “Tag X”?

I don’t know that there has been a direct link established to the Reichsburger movement, but it seems likely, as Day X was also supposed to make Prinz Reuss Head of State. The current trial is for a separate plot, though, in which Prinz Reuss directly participated and was arrested.