Cats lack a sweet tooth

Yet another reason why dogs are superior!

Or a good reason why they tend to be fatter and don’t live as long as cats.

If anything, it’s the opposite. The superior pet does not attempt to steal your Butterfinger.

On the other hand, I’ve never had a dog go after my pretzels like my cat does.

Really? The feline at mom’s house goes after plastic bags and toilet paper. We joke that it’s convenient – everything that passes through comes out individually-wrapped and self-cleaning.

My cats love peppered beef/turkey jerky.

Also, Selena enjoys batting at things on TV, chasing my mouse cursor and destroying things my wife loves.

Is this a euphemism?


Euphemism? What shape are your “pretzels”?!

It’s funny you mention a female cat. I’ve got a young one who sees my wife as her biggest rival. My wife blames her for stealing her earings and hiding them!

(And she goes nuts over teriyaki beef jerky!)

My first cat used to love licking honey dew and cantelope rinds. Not sure what that was about.

I hear a dog will lick peanut butter off anything…