Catwoman - Crappy movie begets crappy game?

Ugh. I know I shouldn’t judge based on graphics, but jeez… :?

First time for everything.

The poses are supposed to make you go “rowr”.

did you notice the one shot looks like they completely ripped off the shot from matrix 2 where trinity jumps off the bike and lands doing the splits

I’m not usually some conspiracy theorist, but those shots look completely fake for some reason.

But that raises a a difficult question: Why would someone create fake shots that look like crap?

Is she assaulting Chris Rock?

She’s assaulting the eyes with all three polygons in her leg.

Probably jumping the gun on both.

Still trying to get used to the new catwoman outfit.

I don’t know. She looks pretty bored herself.

Its made for the ps2. Ofcourse the graphics will look like ass

Actually the character models look like they were badly photoshopped onto the backgrounds.

Is this supposed to be Batman’s Catwoman? Is that supposed to be … Selina Kyle? Wtf is this crap. Catwoman never dressed like a hooker (so blatently) and Selina Kyle isn’t black.

Why do DC characters always get butchered on the big screen!

Please tell me this is a different Catwoman or something…

The problem is WB let some fancy French director have his way with the character and the movie and didn’t try to stop him before it was too late.


Thankfully, it’s not Selina Kyle. It’s Catwoman in name only, but everything I’ve read of it so far indicates that it has nothing to do with the Selina Kyle Catwoman.

You know what really pisses me off?

A brilliant spinoff of Batman TAS like Batman Beyond gets the boot while shitty movie spinoffs like this get millions of dollars dumped into them. BB won a Grammy. I doubt Catwoman would win a Cracker Jack prize, from the look of it.