Well, I decided to discount all the people having fun trying to see how catty a review they could write and go see for myself.

No real spoilers follow …

It wasn’t all that bad. Reading over some reviews, I get the feeling that people were just piling on for the sake of piling on.

The main culprit is the script … it is really really bad.

The actors did the best they could. It’s a pretty nice cast. I wish they had more to work with.

I liked some of the ideas and the times when Catwoman is out in public and the Cat takes over.

I heard a rumor about Sharon Stone getting the benefit of wrinkle reducing lens technology, and she does look pretty good and definately got in shape for the role.

I was hoping Francis Conroy’s character got a little more to do and that there was some more background given. Maybe in the next one?

The Mero guy from the Matrix movies was good as well. I’m sure he’s getting all kinds of “villian” scripts to read.

In the end, I just think that the script really let this movie down.

Sometimes a good script can cover up for bad acting, but the best acting can never, ever cover up for a crappy script.

It wasn’t all that bad. Reading over some reviews, I get the feeling that people were just piling on for the sake of piling on.

Sure, it may not be the worst movie ever made, but after reading your impressions it doesn’t come close to being worth spending the money to watch it in a movie theatre nonetheless. You said the script is crap. It’s not like I’d grab some tickets just to see Halle Berry or Sharon Stone on the screen. Since it boils down to this:

In the end, I just think that the script really let this movie down.

I’d go see it if it were 2 hours of Halle Berry out of costume.

That hair style makes her look so incredible.

You had to know it was bad when all the commercials could do to sell the movie was point out that it had Halle in leather. To be honest, I don’t think the suit does much for her, but that’s not the point. The point is that it was a gimmick…and they had nothing to back it up.

I think Halle was a little too anxious to get a lead role in a super hero movie. The X-Men script writers have had her Storm character stuck in a supporting role rut and Berry has been railing against this predicament in interviews for a couple of years now. Since I cannot picture Storm taking on Wolverine or Professor X level importance in the X-Men movie franchise, we have Catwoman and probably a sequel if this things makes some coin.

The box office take and critcal reviews would have to have been much better for a sequel to be assured.

Even Garfield did better opening weekend numbers than Catwoman.

[size=3]Weekend Box Office Estimates (U.S.)
Jul 23 - 25 weekend View Last Week’s Actuals This Wk Last Wk Title Dist. Weekend Gross Cumulative Gross Rlse Wks # of Theaters

1 - The Bourne Supremacy UNIV $53,520,000 $53,520,000 1 3165

2 1 I, Robot FOX $22,050,000 $95,445,224 2 3494

3 - Catwoman WB $17,155,000 $17,155,000 1 3117

4 2 Spider-Man 2 SONY $15,000,000 $328,453,000 4 3753

5 4 A Cinderella Story WB $8,040,000 $29,814,000 2 2625

6 3 Anchorman D’WORKS $7,100,000 $71,200,000 3 2936

7 5 Fahrenheit 9/11 LIONS $5,000,000 $103,350,000 5 1855

8 7 The Notebook NL $4,450,000 $62,500,000 5 2003

9 6 King Arthur BV $3,064,000 $45,198,000 3 2104

10 10 Shrek 2 D’WORKS $2,400,000 $429,500,000 10 1559

11 8 Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story FOX $1,900,000 $109,213,030 6 1373

12 12 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban WB $1,725,000 $241,818,000 8 1008[/size]

That’s horrible for a summer opening weekend.

I, Robot did $52,179,887 it’s first weekend and dropped down, but still did better in it’s second week. Even Garfield did $21,727,611 on its opening weekend.

Hell, take a look at the 2004 figures and look at all the movies that opened at around the same amount that Catwoman did. Most of them never make more than $60-70 million, which means WB will be taking a loss on the $100 million production and $35 million marketting budget.

Very sad movie. Extremely dumb. But Halle Berry’s attractiveness is not diminished by dressing her in leather with a push-up bra and cut-outs in the legs and rear… I agree that there could really have been a better costume designed for her, but as it was the catsuit wasn’t after all bad

I can’t feel sorry for Universal at all. If they don’t know what pure, unadulterated, dog shit smells like, then they deserve to get taken to the cleaners. Seeing the numbers put up by really good action films of late should make Hollywood aware that the public loves action movies, but they have to be a little smarter.

And I apologize for sounding like a total jerk here… if you say that the only real problem with the film was the script, then I think the film was truly doomed from the start. When I was in film school, the screenwriters sometimes treated their screenplays like it was holy writ. Now I think that’s a little too much, the script is a tool for storytelling, just like the lighting or camera placement or the performances. And just like those other elements, it has to be good. It even needs to be good for the rest to start to really gel. If Universal decides to green light a terrible script hoping Halle Berry dressed sexy will open a movie, maybe they should just go the extra distance and print naked stills of her from Monster’s Ball on the popcorn buckets.

$17 million. Jesus. I can’t believe it made that much. If this makes half its money back in worldwide ticket sales (only $33 million left to go), Hollywood will consider this film a success and spend money to inflict a sequel on us.

Quit paying to see bad movies, dammit!!!

Yeah, but it’ll be direct to video in the US, with Vivica A. Fox in the title role.

From BoxOfficeMojo:
Jul 30–Aug 1: $6,081,000

That means it dropped more than 60% in the second week already, with worldwide numbers at $29,807,000 for the entire run so far. No, I really doubt we’ll see a sequel for this $150m bomb.

Holding out for strong DVD sales.