Cauldrons of War: Operation Barbarossa

Interesting new game on Operation Barbarossa. I downloaded the Alpha and I have had fun playing it. Still rough around the edges, but the developer is swiftly posting new versions, I kicked in twelve bucks as a contribution. I first heard about it at The Wargamer:

Go to the link below to download the Alpha:

Do read through the tutorial.

The game has been released on steam, only 4.99:

The game designer has another game on steam about Hoover’s FBI in the sixties:

Demo available of the next game in the series:

So I just got these because they seemed pretty different, and after doing the tutorial, I’m impressed. Rather than moving individual units – which I get so tired of – you click on fronts and make decisions based on what you have available at that front. It makes for, I feel, a far more fun and fluid wargame than I’ve been used to. Looking forward to playing more.

Something different is right! The designer is doing a game on the Shanghai uprising of 1927 that is coming out on June 24:

I love game designers that tackle new subjects and old subjects in new ways.

Oh that looks fascinating. Thanks!