Caveat Trollor

I’ve seen a lot of Guest comments and Legolas is obviously a gimmick account for someone to hide behind. phpBB does record your IP when you make a post, and even cross-references that IP to show all the users who have posted from that IP. This functionality is handily available in a button only moderators can see in the upper right of every post. So if you are afraid to make a snarky comment as yourself, maybe you’d best not do so at all.

That’s actually unfortunate, as I would like people to be able to post anonymously.

If it’s of any reassurance to folks who want to post anonymously, Mark and I can guarantee you confidentiality when you post here. I don’t think anyone else has moderator access (I don’t even think Chet does, but I may be wrong), so you trolls can rest assured that we’re not going to be revealing anyone’s IP address or posting history.

I hereby declare the Qt3 forums a safe harbor for trolls and flamers, a sort of Switzerland to the Nazi Europe that is the internet!



Huzzah! Now I am safe to share with you my deepest feelings about “Hooters: Road Trip”, and fear no persecution.

who the fuck cares? hey I have a idea matt! go get a fucking grip, on fucking reality moron. Fucking idiot, I must admit that if you posted the 9 numbers that is my IP I would be fucking devastated, I mean at that point I would be just as fucking devoid of identity as before you knew it. oh Shit!

I better go get a account so that you can all “know” me and we can all get together and be friends…oh wait, nevermind the internet is not fucking real life! whoops I always make that mistake, and I was starting to value your perception of me so highly… Do borderline personalities rule the internet?

Seems like it. :twisted:

Okay, I just looked up that IP address. It was wumpus.


Okay, I just looked up that IP address. It was wumpus.


Actually,it was me-credit where credit is due and all. :P