Caveblazers - Spelunky RPG Mode


So I was skimming my news feed when this popped up.

Specifically, this:

There are a lot of games that look like they might give me that Spelunky feeling but most of them just leave me feeling a little empty.

I resonated with this, so I clicked on the article. I’m glad I did. Caveblazers is just delightful! From it’s very slick controls to the charming little visuals and animations. It’s pixel art, but it’s very, very good pixel art. I made a few .gif files, here is one where I found a selection of three blessings and I choose one of them, a permanent boon I will enjoy the rest of my run.

And run I will - it generates maps just like Spelunky, where you start at the top, make your way down, and along the way fight enemies like orcs, slimes, bats, and exploding bombs and such. Honestly, just read the RPS article, if that doesn’t swing you nothing I say here will.

It’s also only $10, so there is that. I have only about an hour into it but so far, it’s just aces (except for some reason it didn’t like me playing with my XBO controller over bluetooth, and kept losing connection to my controller until I plugged it in via USB - no idea).

Here is the Steam link:


I’m with you. I love this game. Got it ages ago and let it simmer in early access. It’s realllllllllllllly fun!


This just came out for Nintendo Switch. I was thinking of getting it so I read some reviews. Then I learned about the ending, and now I’m gonna pass.


What’s up with the ending?


Spoilers here.


…this is why I never finish games…geezus…


I just played this for the first time last night on Switch, plays well. Wish I didn’t know about the ending, real shame.