CD Access Problems Hahyayulp

Confession: I’m on a pretty antediluvian rig. When I moved to Ireland, I only took the posessions I could carry, so I’ve spent the last year doing any gaming that I do on a 800mhz laptop. This has served me pretty faithfully for the last year and has been kind of refreshing, in a way, finally allowing me to catch up with all the games over the last three years that I never had a chance to play.

Anyway, when I came home from Thailand recently, I discovered that the CD-Rom drive in said laptop has seemingly gone kaput. When I put a CD in the drive, I can here it spinning, but the read light on the drive doesn’t light up and it doesn’t read the CD. I tried running some diagnostics on it in PC Doctor, and it just uniformly failed all of the tests. Also, my standard trouble shooting ritual - shaking the entire laptop violently above my head while screaming the primal sapien scream of blood fury best captured during the opening minutes of Kubrick’s 2001 - has not cured the problem.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m going to be buying a new computer soonish, but I’ll still need the laptop for work. I could probably just replace the drive, but I’d like to see if I could identify the problem and fix it first. Thanks!

Even though laptop drives are more expensive that desktop drives, it is probably cheaper to buy a new one that try to fix the old. Unless you just want the satisfaction of fixing it yourself and have plenty of free time, that would be the route I would go.


I like to kick my broken parts down the stairs as sort of me giving my parts one last chance to straighten up and fly right before I smash 'em with a ball peen hammer.