CD-Drive Problem

This all started happening after I reformatted my computer and installed Windows XP Pro. Everything was going fine until I started to try installing things, first it was with Office.
While it was installing the computer just restarted… this happened like 3-4 times. I eventually did get it installed.

Then I tried putting WarCraft 3 on… same problem. The screen would just go black and the computer would just restart.
It also happened when I was trying to copy MP3 files from a CD back onto my harddrive.

Today, a tech guy from NerdsOnSite (has anyone heard of them?) was at my house checking my computer and he couldnt really find anything. All he did was turn off backround services from the MSConfig window.(Luckily, it didnt cost me anything)

So, im wondering if anyone has any other ideas or possible solutions to my problem. The rest of my computer is running perfectly fine except my CD-Drives are just being unstable.

Thanks in advance.

All of your drives? I was going to suggest temporarily replacing the ailing drive with one you know works, but if it’s both of them it sounds more systemic. Check the IDE cable; I’ve had bad cables do Bad Things, and it’s a cheap fix if it is the issue. Other than that, do you have different IDE channels on your mobo you can run the drives off of to see if it’s a motherboard issue?

I probably should have clarified a few things first.

I have 2 drives… one DVD-Rom and the other is a Burner. About a year and a half ago, the last time i reformatted, I had a similar problem and did have my IDE cable (I will assume thats the thick ribbon like one) replaced. Back then the computer would just freeze up when I trying to reinstall things.

Also, I should have said that Im not exactly gifted with the hardware so try not to be too complicated. Ive been holding out hope that its some sort of software conflict or something.