CD Jewel cases

This might sound wacky to some people, but it drives me crazy when games give you CDs in envelopes, especially when its 3-6 CDs. Anyone know a good place to buy empty jewel cases, including regular-size that hold 2 CDs, and the double-size that hold 6 CDs?

They have stuff like that at any Best Buy or Fry’s I think. I’m not sure where (Fry’s probably) but I bought some sweet super-slim jewel cases this one time.

edit: not sure about multi-CD cases though.

Aye, it’s mostly the multi-CD cases I’m looking for.

Too bad you don’t live here - I can wander down to the ‘$2 shop’ ( Chicken Feed ) and buy 5 double CD jewel cases for $2.99Au .

Officemax or office depot usually have the best deals on cases from what I’ve seen. Bestbuy sometimes has them. I’ve not seen double/6 pack ones though.

You can even get them at dollar stores, if you’re looking for a bargain.

If you’re paying more than a quarter a case, you’re paying too much.

One of the odd things I’ve noticed is that literally every form of cd case storage out there a) looks like crap, b) is filthy expensive, or c) they just fall out.

How goddamn hard is it to make a cheap piece of plastic that won’t fall over and hold 'em all?

I ended up buying these divider things that go in my bookcase from Ikea. Sad.

I would gladly pay more than that for the multi-CD cases. The Best Buy down the street has plenty of the single-CD ones, but they look at me like I’m nuts when I ask about the multi-CDs.

Although I think I may have found a winner:

Sweet linky, sluggo.

Why are we letting publishers get away with this?

Because we’re addicts who’ll let them get away with anything.

Actualy Paper sleeves in bargain games don’t really bother me, hey I’m getting a bargain. Paper sleeves in newly released $50 games really bother me though. is where I get all of my CD cases. is where I get all my replacement DVD cases.


Seriously they have like the cheapest prices on random stuff, unless you can get a better deal online.

Yeah, I agree–especially when it’s that many sleeves. I worry that one or more of the CDs is just going to end up getting lost. Though I’m annoyed about the whole Steam debacle, this sort of thing makes me empathize with Valve a bit more. The retail box costs $15 more than most other games, and comes with no manual and no jewel case. I’ve seen pretty much zero advertising for HL2 pre-release. Vivendi’s really cashing in on this one, but they don’t seem to be contributing much.

Wow. Unless I’m missing something - weird shipping costs? - Rima is hugely cheaper than I’ve seen cases elsewhere.