Celeste deserves a thread


That’s a good question. I think it’s because they make really good use of their pixel style. You can see your character’s distinctive hair. And then after you do one jump, her hair turns white, and you can do one more action, but you can’t do the special jump. It’s all very clear, very to-the-point. The art is very clear, and it’s not hurtful to the eyes either.

By contrast, there is a game called Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. Now that is truly hurtful to the eyes. The font is old style 16-bit font, along with 16-bit graphics, everything is so ugly, sound effects are old style horrible sounds. The controls are old school (they suck). It’s probably a great game for someone who can stand that stuff. But it makes for a nice contrast to something like Celeste. Celeste pretends to be old school, but the controls are not old school, they’re really precise. The sound effects are great. And yes, the art style has that pixelated look, but it conveys a lot more than those actual old games used to convey, because it’s way better than old school games used to be.


So… you really don’t have a problem with pixel art. More with general ‘old school’ retro games.


Don’t get me wrong, I would like the game better if it didn’t have pixel art. I was explaining to rob why I didn’t rage-quit upon seeing it.


Thanks for the suggestion.

I found it in this walkthrough. Here’s the room I was stuck on.

I was trying to squeeze through the hole that’s not possible to squeeze through, and then I thought that whole upper part was a red herring, and I should just cling to the right side of that center pillar, and then try to jump from there, but it never seemed to work out.

Turns out, I had to fall with the stone!


Yeah this game has some really ingenious level design, there were a few rooms that i spent a lot of time trying what i thought was every possible option only to look it up and realize i was missing something completely obvious!