Cell Phones & Service Recommendations

So my two year contract is up with Verizon and I’m trying to decide if I want to stick with them or move to another service. I have no problems with them but I’m wondering how the other providers stack up.

I’d also like to know whats good for a phone? I’m not interested in an iPhone or a Blackberry, just looking for a good reliable phone. I’d like to keep the cost under $150 if possible.

Thanks for your thoughts.

For me at least in my area AT&T has shitty fucking coverage. When I am in the city though its a lot better.

I’d say AT&T because it tends to pick up the hip phones faster than Verizon, but it doesn’t seem like you care about that. All the big carriers have great coverage in the major cities (I hear Verizon is better in non-Metro areas), and competitive prices.

I would think you’re going to need washington-specific advice about who has the best coverage. Are you in a large city or out in the sticks?

If solid coverage is your priority, look at T-Mobile’s [email protected] compatible handsets. Whenever you are in a wi-fi network, they’ll use that to connect to the mobile network instead of GSM. In my experience, it’s reliable and completely seamless. I believe they have a Nokia handset that does it for $50.

T-Mobile calling plans are also way cheaper than VZW.

I took advantage of the Sprint deal mentioned in this thread. I’ve been extremely happy with them thus far, having switched over from T-mobile; cost is lower, quality is higher. However, it obviously depends on how good the Sprint network is in your area.

VZW seems to have the best network overall, but I would be paying approx. 3x what I’m paying with Sprint to have similar features with Verizon – and my phone would be crippled.

I’m looking to get a new phone soon on AT&T now that my T-Mobile contract is expiring. I’m going to add a line to my account on AT&T (my wife has an iPhone) and was looking at the different phones out right now, plus the rumored ones coming out this month. Right now I’m looking at the Blackberry Curve, since the price is right, it has a full keyboard for e-mailing and texting, and I can get Opera Mobile on it and use the trackball. It also has GPS, which is pretty cool, but there is no Wi-Fi or 3G on it (Opera Mobile though does compress web pages before sending them to you ala the iPhone).

iPhone is all phone-side rendering.

Consumer Reports does regular reports on cellphone service: Verizon is frequently at or near the top, but it varies by region. Check to see if your local paper has reviews of cellphone coverage in your area.

I’ve been pleased with Sprint service and pricing.

The SERO plan referenced above is about the sweetest deal you’ll find if you’re looking for a phone to use for just yourself.

I live in the LA area- Verizon all the way for me.

My boss has AT&T and travels the state a lot- and frankly I get really tired of hitting redial no my phone because his service sucks.

I say that if you are happy with Verizon, stick with 'em.

Sprint and Verizon are both good in the greater Seattle area. Stay away from t-mobile/AT&T.

Full disclose: I work for Sprint.

We also just debuted our Simply Everything plans. 99.99 gives you unlimited everything. Data, voice, text, pictures, everything but premium downloads. I am currently using a LG Rumor, which I enjoy. It’s like the Verizon Envy but slides instead of flips open, and the keyboard isn’t retarded.

If you do decide Sprint, don’t get any phone made by HTC. Awful phones.

We’re also currently testing our high performance push to talk technology. It’s connects to Nextel Direct Connect, has a setup time of about .6 seconds, and is just as clear as Direct Connect. So, if that kind of tech interests you, it’s right around the corner.

I have a SERO plan.

$30/mo for the phone, lots of minutes, unlimited texts and data. I got a cheap Samsung which has eVDO and Bluetooth, so I can tether if I want, but I don’t because of the

  • $50/mo for a PCMCIA laptop card, which I love.

I get 1Gbps down on my card, which is close to the speed of my DSL at home, it’s really sweet.

7-11 speakout wireless has 365 (!) expiry on their prepaid.