Cell phones: What do you have, what do you want and why?

Have: Black Berry 7290

Want: Something better but I am very happy with the 7290 in all honesty.

Why: I really want a faster internet connection rather then a better phone. I am thinking about the Treo or one of the new Black Berry phones.

Have: Samsung i730.

Want: I can’t imagine what else I could get crammed into a phone.

Why: Pocket pc with phone, wifi, verizon evdo broadband data, can work as a pass-thru modem for my laptop, ninetendo emulator, all my tasks, contacts, and emails from home synced to it, kitchen sink.

Have: RAZR v3
Want: LG Shine

Tired of very tall vertical flip phone, which is clumsy to open and tiring to hold to the ear. Low volume ear piece, and a poor camera round it out. The LG one has 2MP camera and is a slick looking slider.

Wow, that’s hot as hell. I wonder how it’ll compare to the Samsung D900 (3-megapixel camera slider) that’s due to come out soon?

Eh. Having a cell phone never made you cool. Not having one won’t make you cool either, any more than not eating at McDonald’s or Starbucks makes you cool.

I don’t have one, because I don’t want one. I’d never use it outside of home, and I’d never use it at home because the reception in my apartment sucks. I’m perfectly happy that people can’t call me whereever I am. (In fact, calling me at home is pretty useless–even when I’m there, I’m often in a room where I can’t hear the phone, so I won’t answer.) There’s simply no reason for me to spend $40/month or whatever on a phone service that I don’t need.

And, as I said, this doesn’t make me cool. I don’t feel superior to people with phones. (I do think that anyone whose phone isn’t permanently on vibrate is being an asshole, because I really don’t need to hear your l33t ringtone while I’m watching a movie or eating dinner…but that’s a different matter.)

Edit: Reading for comprehension is hard. Misunderstood this quote as saying the opposite of what it does. What I said goes anyway. :>

You’re THAT guy!

Phone vibrations can’t get through my titanium body armor, but I do shut my phone off at public events where a ring would be distracting.

Have: RAZR
Want: nothing else so far.
Why: Its got a crappy interface, but then every single phone seems to have a crappy interface, so why bother changing? I love that this thing is so small and sturdy. Don’t give a shit about MP3s, mobile internet or any of that. I only make about 10min of calls a month anyway.

Re THAT guy. Is there a righteous ‘I’m too good for cellphones’ bumper sticker, that you can put on your car next to “Kill Your TV” and “Drum Machines Have No Soul”?

Have: Motorola L6
Want: Motorola L7
Why: Sick of clamshell phones. The L6 has every feature I care about, but the screen is low res which makes me sad. I use prepay though, so higher resolution is not a good reason to spend double the cost on a phone.

Have: razr
Have: motorola 850

Hate the razr…too thin…slippery…awful reception…Cingular

Love the 850 except the battery life…great reception…Sprint

Want: no more cell phones…can’t stand em.

See the problem is he is “That Guy” because he decided to post in a thread about cell phones and declare that he didn’t have one and then felt the need to follow up about it!

Have: Siemens piece of shit (Cingular)

Want: No cell phone hassle. This phone works, I can call people and they can call me. Getting a different phone = hassle. NO HASSLE.

Hey, the thread just asked what phone I have. “None” is a perfectly good answer! :>

It’s out (at least in Europe). I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and it has some nifty features, but don’t buy it for the camera. All the megapixels in the world don’t make up for subpar lenses and no autofocus - the Sony Ericsson K800i is the only phone I’ve tried yet, where the camera is it’s best feature (and not because the rest is crap).
It’s a good phone, though. And the special active wallpaper is a genuine fun idea (picture changes according to country, sky gets overcast if reception is bad, the picture changes at nightfall and planes/fireworks show incoming messages).

Interestingly I have also played a bit with the Samsung X820, which is the worlds thinnest phone. It’s better than the SLVR in any way except for one - it might be smaller, but it’s ALL plastic and feels so thin and flimsy that I fear it would break in my pocket. It does everything better than the SLVR, but then on the technical side Motorola seems to constantly be a generation behind.

Well you got me there.

Honestly the only reason I have a “cell phone” is because I can surf the web and play games on it. I really dont make many calls on the thing.

Your compulsion to post in every single thread is fascinating.

Have: Nokia 3220

Why: Was using the old, plain-vanilla Nokia 3100 until earlier this year, when I needed better international roaming capabilities. Otherwise, I’m happy to stick with the most basic of functions. Not because I think it’s particularly cool, mind you, but because a. I’m afraid of sinking money into another branch of gadgets and b. I’m afraid of losing said gadgets.

Want: I dunno… Something with gold and leather, like a Vertu Constellation.

So if I were to state that I don’t own a cell phone, and never have, I’d be That Guy? I don’t own a cell phone not because I don’t like them, or anything like that. It’s that the reception at my house is horrible, and half the time there’s no service at all. The other reason is when I’m out, I generally don’t want to be contacted by phone.

That being said, I’ve thought about getting one for the car in case of some kind of emergency.

Have: Motorola RAZR with CDMA (Verizon)

Want: Something that stable that makes clear, dependable calls and fits slimly into my pocket. Features optional.

Absolutely. It’s funny, the SLVR had to compete with the Samsung D807 and the LG CU550. It loses badly in every category except exterior look and feel, but it turns out that that is the thing that matters most to me right now in a phone. I’m just addicted to the thing. I’ve tried to switch several times; I used the D807 for over 2 months, the LG for a couple weeks, and various other expensive phones for similar return-period-limited evaluations. Most of them were better phones: better software, screens, buttons, sound (though hacking the Motorola makes it much better than stock, which otherwise would have caused me to stop using it), camera… everything but iTunes support (which I don’t currently use anyway). Every time, I end up going back to the slim, substantial-feeling SLVR L7. It’s crazy, but the thing is like crack for me. I just like it.