Cellphone development target?

I’m just starting to tinker with cell phone development and I’m not quite sure which platform I should be looking at. I’d like to display images/video and some limited 3D, mainly camera transforms. Which OS is best for this sort of thing?

I’m looking at Flash Lite, which seems widely supported. Actionscript looks easy to pick up and it has a number of multimedia things built in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to handle XML natively, which could be an annoyance when consuming web services. I could write a quick proxy, but…

Other options include J2ME or whatever the current label is, Windows Mobile, and BREW.

Any idea which options are worth pursuing? I’m trying to find the most widely-supported choice for basic 3D display.


Windows Mobile devices (PocketPCs) and Treos (Palm OS) is your best bet. Windows Mobile 5-6 actually has a DirectX Mobile thing, so that should offer some 3D.