Cellular modems - am I just SOL?

OK, moved up here into the middle of the cornfields in NW Iowa. Tiny town that makes Mayberry look like a metropolis. There’s actually a lot my wife and I learning to love about small town life. However, there are some drawbacks.

One seems to be this: I want to get either a netbook (preferred) or a USB cellular modem, in order to have portable internet access for numerous reasons. I need to have it work in my home town as well as when on the road. On the road is probably not going to be a problem, but my hometown appears to be an issue. Up here in NW Iowa, it appears no one - Verizon, U.S. Cellular, AT&T, Cricket, Sprint - offers broadband cellular coverage.

Is there some option that I’m overlooking before I simply give up? (Moving is not an option - love the company and actually we’re getting into small town life.)

So you’re asking if you can use a cellular modem without coverage? The answer is no.

From what I am reading yes you do have options. You can get a smart phone and tether it to your laptop via bluetooth. You don’t need a 3g connection for that edge will work ( slower then 3g but it would work) all of the major companies do sell network adapters that you can plug into your laptop as well. It just depends on how decent your coverage actually is.

If you have weak coverage it would be possible ( if not expensive ) to get a booster that might boost the signal in your house.


Perhaps there’s some company in your small town that offers wide area wifi? There was one in the small town in NY I used to live in.

WIMAX might also be an option in your area – definitely worth checking on.