I liked this movie. It has a totally ridiculous setup and some improbable plot twists, but on the upside it has hard bodies and great action scenes. It’s sort of like Baywatch meets 007. The motivation of the main character is just completely unbelievable. Luckily the director/screen writers seem to understand this and only spend a few seconds creating the implausible setup. It’s done in the first 5 minutes. Even though I didn’t buy into it at first, the movie pulled me in with its tension and action scenes. There are some questionable scenes—one in particular where the heroine escapes her attacker. But if you’ve suspended disbelief for the first huge leap, this is just stepping over a puddle.

I loved it to Tim. The movie ripped along to its conclusion and the wife and I just never got bored at all. We really enjoyed it and were able to ignore the silly parts. Oh I have to add “the friend with the nipples” is my official favorite new actress for 2004!!

saw this last night, it was surprisingly fun!

william h. macy vs. jason statham - clash of the titans :D

Oddly enough they’re the only two reasons why I didn’t walk away from this movie. I couldn’t suspend my disbeleif enough obviously. In fact, it was only the ending that I liked.

2/5 saks. 1 is for the ending , the other for William Macy and Jason Statham.