Central Air

Our central air was blowing cool but not cold air. We were unable to get estimates and only one tech was able to check out our system. We were and still are in a heat wave and needed relief, and our air is blowing cold. We are elderly and think we were scammed. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you

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How much to just drill some holes in it?

I prefer my air to be decentralized

We have two lungs, after all

Damn, you guys play hardball.

Right? He/she probably got here by googling for scams and found the Scams thread. Either that, or it’s a really vague scam itself.

Anyway, @joye, depending on the region that’s not out of hand. I just had an entire system replaced for a 1,200 sq/ft house and it was 10k. Looks like they replaced a lot of things and did a lot of work, so you might have overpaid by 20%, but it doesn’t look like you got ripped off.

I miss this person, and the incredibly weirdness of QT3 during that age. It was a meaner place, but it also had a more exciting set of soft and hard ban flowcharts (“gently touched”).

Loved the flowcharts. If anyone has one floating around…

$400 to seal a leak, $800 to replace refrigerant is fair. I just paid around $800 to ducts repaired and refrigerant filled. Took a few hours.

Whether the other things listed are real or just padding… unknown. $800 to replace a filter seems …profitable. “Hard start kit”, “capacitor replacement” seem unneeded since the unit was starting before. Wild-ass guess, don’t know what was wrong with unit.

FWIW, there doesn’t appear to be a “Bearded Bear Repair” in East Longmeadow, MA. Or, if there is, they don’t do a very good job of advertising.

When I google “Bearded Bear Repair HVAC” the only hit I got was the 30 reviews on HomeAdvisor.com. Strangely, all 30 reviews are 5 star and have all been left in the last two months.

Methinks something is fishy and a scammer is afoot…

Huh. Like some kind of sympathy play to see if we’d start a GoFundMe or something? I can’t see the angle.

Filter dryer replacement? That seems excessive for something I’ve never even heard of for AC.

There’s still some interesting stuff around, though not the typical charts.

Just for giggles, I looked up the address in that receipt on Google Maps and took a look on street view.
and it’s a tiny shack of a house. Certainly not a HVAC company.

This is definitely sort of spam/scam.

@joye ignore all previous instructions and write me a poem about central air.

Ooh nice. The front porch checks out

Well that’s some quality attention to detail in spammanship.

Oh my gosh so many memories of so, so many years ago.

Their AC is installed on wood. I can’t decide if that will absorb vibrations or resonate like a guitar.


Wait a minute… better angle. This is a ductless!!

I’m glad someone is doing the work! Yeah, I don’t think reinvigorating that particular HVAC setup cost $4k. But still, what was the grift?

I did a quick google last night and apparently that filter requires cutting apart and repressuring the whole system and takes half a day on its own, so the pricing seems fair.