CES 19: AMD Keynote, with CEO Lisa Su


Ryzen 3rd gen? Navi? Let’s go!


Radeon VII. 2nd-gen Vega. 7nm. 25% more performance at same power. 16GB.


Not sure Devil May Cry 5 is the game you want to showcase your new GPU with, but whatever.


The one chart showing the comparison with Nvidia shows equal performance to a RTX2080 in the select DX11 & DX12 titles and about 15% higher in Vulkan performance. If they are launching this at a lower price than the RRSP of the RTX2080 then this could be a win for AMD. It would also explain Nvidia allowing certain Freesync monitors to work with their Gsync format so they can justify the greater prices.

edit: this is at 4K and ultra settings


But it looks awesome!


They’re not. MSRP will be $699.


Womp, womp.

But hey, great that AMD finally hit the performance of Nvidia’s top GPU… in March 2017.

Their great failure here, I think, is in sticking with HBM2. Too expensive, they have no flexibility to compete on price.


I don’t understand. Why do we need 16GB of HBM right now when the overarching theme for the last 2 years is that Graphics Cards were too expensive???

If this was a Pro card then sure, but for a 2080 competitor?


My guess is it has something to do with how HBM fits in with their chip design. HBM is different.


Just to be clear, this isn’t Navi right (I haven’t had the time to watch the whole video).


Right, it’s a Vega refresh.


It’s more of a Vega shrink.


I guess the only hope left is that Navi can provide good power for low price and this is just meant to have something for higher end gamers (even though they won’t have any 2080 ti competitor).

Of course now that Nvidia unlocked Freesync I don’t really have a reason to upgrade for another few years.


Even though I hate the high RTX prices as much as anybody if I did have that much cash to blow on a card I see no reason at all to take this over an RTX 2080.


Yes, that’s the obvious problem. Same performance, same price, probably runs hotter knowing AMD, but Nvidia also has raytracing which might be worth something someday.


And now Nvidia cards run on a wider variety of VRR monitors.


It’s cute that we’re pretending nVidia bilking a bunch of people out of a $200 Gsync tax only to later support the inexpensive, open standard is some kind of advantage.


It’s been 4 hours since this thread started, and not one word about Ryzen 3? You guys made me google my own news like some kind of animal!


Um, because it is, to someone buying a card today? If you buy an Nvidia card, you can use both Gsync and Freesync monitors. If you buy an AMD card, you only have one of those options.


On stage, AMD benchmarked its secretive processor with Cinebench and it achieved a score of 2023 – by our own benchmarks the Intel Core i9-9900K and AMD Ryzen 7 2700X scored 1,873 and 1,798 points, respectively.

Basically, you’re looking at a 12% increase in performance with this AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation processor. AMD wasn’t ready to disclose frequencies as they haven’t been finalized yet sadly.

What’s even more amazing is it seems AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation is even more power efficient than Intel Coffee Lake Refresh. During its Cinebench demo, AMD also displayed the maximum power draw of the Intel system running at 179.9-watts while the new Ryzen system maxed out at 133.4-watts – which makes it about 30% more power efficient.