CES 2004 - The Phantom Menace

File under “Believe It When I See It,” Mulder.


Note, however, that the key phrase is “Phantom Gaming Service.” It might just be a Powerpoint presentation describing how the content distribution is going to work, with a prototype model in a display case. No game footage. No working test units. I hope there are test units and footage, but I’m not holding my breath.

To the Qt3 regulars who work for various development houses, have these guys (Infinium) approached any of your companies inquiring about supporting this thing?

Forget about seeing working hardware (any monkey with a bit of venture capital can cobble together a prototype-looking PC rig with a pretty GUI), I’d like to see a list of publishers/developers who have commited any content to the Phantom. I havent heard what I’ll be able to play if I happen to sink $300 into this goofy looking thing.