CES 2017 - Gadget lust, or gadget bust?


I’ve been skimming the usual RSS feeds and so far haven’t been too impressed. More mesh routers and Alexa wannabes. The trends continue to be smart home and fitness trackers. And of course, improved laptops. But I guess I’m jaded, because it no longer intrigues the way it once did.

Have I missed any major announcements? Anything you think is super cool that bears watching?


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Does the $9,000 Acer fit under “improved laptop” category?


Is that the one with the 21" curved screen, the NVidia 1080 graphics card, and weighs something like 55 lbs? If so, then no.


Most of the exciting news coming out of CES is about the new OLED/QLED TV’s from LG and Samsung. Waiting to see the full lineups/prices/release dates/specs. The ultra-thin, wall-mounted OLED’s from LG are mind-blowing but I suspect will be pricey.


Yeah, of course, even calling this thing a laptop is stretching it, to say the least. Doubtless they don’t expect to sell many of these, but it did its job at attracting media attention to the brand.


Ye gods. Finally, a laptop as ugly as Alienware’s towers.


77" LG OLED please


I can just imagine busting that out at a business meeting and hooking it up to run Powerpoint. Almost worth it for the look on people’s faces.


New Shield (formerly Shield TV) was announced, supporting 4K HDR apps and games as well as Google Assistant… shame about the $200 price when competitors are running around half that.

nVidia also announced GeForce Now, their game streaming service. It was announced as $25 for 20 hours – and you still have to buy the games on your own Steam/Origin/uPlay/whatever account. Can’t see anyone who will pay for this.


Is Android TV any good yet? Especially for the UK? When I was last looking at a Shield, the services available here paled in comparison to the Roku or pretty much any other streaming box/stick.


Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with it, that’s the last piece I’m looking to add to my setup since the PS4 deals with it well enough.

To balance out my negativity about nVidia’s offerings, I present a completely overkill Razer offering that I want to come to market: Project Valerie


These are all terrible.

Gadget bust indeed.


Wasn’t AMD supposed to finally announce their new card today? Has that happened yet?


We’re using a 2016 model Sony set in Canada right now (XBR 49X800) and it’s fine so far – the advertised-on-the-box Amazon client was initially MIA but it’s there now. Netflix & Sony PS Vue(?) streaming clients were there out of the box, and the 4K streams look terrific. Caveat: I’m using my US Amazon account to stream Amazon content. Same for Netflix. Have’t tried Sony’s offering or other clients from the Google app store.


One positive from this CES: 3D TVs are well and truly dead.


Good, can we kill curved panels next?


Story is that they’re just as dead. The flagship TV models this year are all flat.


They unveiled the Vega architecture. Lots of stories about that as everyone explains what it’s capable of.

Boards are still expected in 1H 2017.


i thought last year was the year of every useless thing having BT and an IoT-enabled app bolted to it? Is 2017 continuing that? Even after the repeated demonstrations of zombie botnets made up of unsecured IoT devices?