CES 2020

I do love to check out the new gadgets even if I don’t buy them.

It’s going to start being awkward that American broadcast networks are still producing 1080i content in a world where 8K TVs exist.

Even the BBC is starting to show (some of) its new content in 4K HDR on iPlayer, albeit not OTA. Seems unlikely OTA channels will ever go 4K, given the bandwidth requirements. Might as well just free up the airwaves for something else and stream over the internet.

LG’s new line-up includes a 48" model, for those of you that want a “small” TV

Yeah I saw that and am very interested in seeing what they price it at. Would make a great bedroom gaming tv.

Also, welcome to our dystopian future:

A solution to a problem I’m pretty sure didn’t exist.

Wonder how that will work with shows like Outlander and Spartacus. :D

Finally, fuck yeah. This is literally what I was hoping to read when I clicked on this topic. Of course, I probably won’t be able to afford it, and I did buy a Samsung 4k HDR TV (for like $400) when it became evident no one was pushing the new tech to ‘small’ screens, so I don’t strictly need it, but it does give me something to keep an eye on for sales.

It starts with “Time travel to …”

I hope accessories include weapons.

Seems like that won’t really be a problem until there’s significant and expensive upgrades to network infrastructure.

Not to mention broadband caps and the like.

And it looks like Sony will be doing a 48" OLED, too. And potentially others, since Sony is just using LG’s 48" panel, others probably will, too. Yay for options!

Hopefully they get down to 30" or so soon so I can buy an OLED monitor already!

Good video from CNET, Vizio is really upping their game!

Also LG:

That 48" OLED looks amazing. DO WANTS!

Finally, Jesus. Can’t fit anything much bigger than our existing 46" RCA screen in the living room / on our TV stand.

I mean, not like I can afford a new TV. But someday!

Nice to hear Vizio is getting into the OLED TV game. The more the merrier. I’d hate to see OLED go the way of Plasma. Not many consumers are willing to pay a premium for OLED, so if Vizio can bring prices down, that’s great.

These Razer Tomahawk NUC+GPU cases look pretty nice. I’m sure they’re massively overpriced though.

I’m keeping an eye out for 3-chip UST projectors and motorized screens.

It’s really fucking annoying already on a 4K TV. I can’t imagine buying an 8K TV right now. It’s probably my biggest disappointment with my new television. So much stuff isn’t even 1080 yet! ESPN is in frickin’ 720p!