CES: Dell XPS Renegade (or Chuck Norris meets his match)


My wallet is trying to hide, but I know where it lives.

Yeah I heard about this. No price tag yet? We looking at 10 grand just for the system itself, no monitor?

When asked what the Renegade’s price will be, Dell laughed and returned “a lot, but it’s worth it.” Coming from a billionaire, “a lot” sounds a little scary, however, those with the means are highly encouraged to give it a try.

That quote right there scares me.

Heh, $30,000 I guess.

30" LCD seems kind of like a bad match. I wouldn’t be surprised if the average latency on that thing was >20 ms, not exactly the best for “hardcore” gaming (esp. FPSes). Then again, the whole computer is overkill. 4 GPUs for what, less than a 100% rendering speed increase? I can’t wait for the suc…people to buy this.

Edit: Intel Extreme Edition? I was expecting at the very least a high-end Athlon X2… or maybe dual X2s. I guess Dell thinks some people are stupid enough to buy this and find out their 32-bit monster is obsolete the next day.

Actually, Dell is using the dual core Presler, running at 4.26GHz. At that clock rate, Presler will beat out anything AMD is shipping. And Dell will support and warranty the system at 4.26GHz.

Also, Presler is 64-bit capable, and will run Windows XP Pro x64, if you care to do that.

My understanding of the pricing is around $4500 without the display.

Igor, that display will be superlative in gaming. Even better than the current Apple Cinema Display, which is already fantastic (if you have a card that can handle it). It uses a very high quality panel.

As for the CPU… it’s running at 4.26 GHz man. That’s fast enough to make you forget it’s got Intel Inside. The only problem someone might have with the performance of that machine will be with their electricity bill. Well, and possibly the wiring in their bedroom…

Using current selling prices for a single 7800 GTX 512 (the Dell has four… no wonder nobody can find these at retail right now), the cards alone are worth $3000.

The XPS Renegade uses a 600W power supply (or 650, I forget). So that shouldn’t be too bad. But Presler can run pretty hot, since it dissipates about 130W by itself.

Yeah… Pressler at least is much better at stock speeds than the 90 nano Pentium Ds (less so at 4.26 I suppose), but man… 4 of those 512MB cards… Anand had to rewire his test bench for 2 of em.

Is thing thing going to sell? Even if I had the money I wouldn’t buy this. No games currently need or would use such power and by the time they do, there will be single cards capable of doing the same at a reasonable regular price range.

When I first read about this I thought it was a joke.

It’s all about that monitor. You can’t drive that thing with any current card or SLI combination at max resolution, AA, etc. and get top framerates. It’s a big stick approach, to be sure, but it will get used effectively when paired with that screen.

It’s not so much about selling this particular system as associating the Dell brand with cool and cutting edge stuff. It’s advertising for their cheaper XPS stuff. 2560x1600, wow, makes 1080p seem kinda quaint.

I’m not so sure about that.


Nonetheless if you must have the fastest Intel processor available, the Extreme Edition 955 is it. However we were disappointed with the performance, power consumption, etc. The few performance wins it had is simply not enough to justify it over a lower cost AMD Athlon 64 X2. If dual core is what you seek, stick with the Athlon 64 X2 as Presler is a miss.

They are working with a 3.46 GHz chip, so the dell does have a 23% clock boost. But the X2 4800+ beats the 3.46 GHz Pressler by more than 23% in quite a few tests. For gaming I’d use neither, I’d get an FX-57, which would increase AMD’s lead even further.

It’s also not hard to overclock an X2 4800+ to 2.6 GHz or higher with stock cooling, if you insist on sticking with dual core (for gaming, though?).

[Edit : Looks like some review sites are having issues with the stock cooling on the Pressler not being good enough. The CPU is hitting 90+ C, and thermal throttling is kicking in, which would destroy benchmarks. Even so, it’s way too early to say a 4.26GHz Pressler would beat a 2.8 GHz FX-57 in gaming.]

Dual Core and 64-bit capable? That’s what I’m talking about. Too bad it’s not obvious just by looking at the model name – I thought all Extreme Editions were souped up P4s :).

Of course like many other people said, it doesn’t help the price one bit. By the time someone buys one of these, not only will the price have dropped a bit, but it will probably be obsolete :).

Ah… heat issues. Perhaps a little dip in the oil will help?

Even the P4 Extreme Edition (the one that runs at 3.73GHz and based on Prescott) is 64-bit capable, as are all Intel 600 series Pentium 4’s.

Everything is obsolete by the time it actually ships. ;-)