CGI Captain Scarlet

It looks like Gerry Anderson is back with a CGI version of his Supermarionation classic Captain Scarlet series.

The series is apparently showing on saturday mornings in the UK, but I’ve found two episodes online already, and it’s actually not all that bad. Very true to the original series in many ways and the CGI really helps with the vehicles.

Why is Rutger Hauer trying to kill Vince Vaughn?

Looks more like the bastard son of Sean Penn and Dolph Lungren than Vince Vaughn.

I liked the Supermarionation. It was part ofthe charm of those Anderson shows.

While the supermarionation was always fun, it was always the vehicle miniature work that drew me to most Gerry Anderson series, so the CGI works well for me on this one.

“The enemy has your flag!”
“Red team scores!”