CGW going to DVD's now?

This month’s CGW demo disk is a DVD. Does anybody know if this is just another special occasion like they did a couple years ago or are they going to DVD’s on a regular basis now.

PCG has a DVD version as well… It’s only for newstands.

Speaking of CGW…

Do these links work for any of you?

The top one is the link off of Ziff Davis’ site for ‘help with a subscription.’ The bottom one is the link off of ‘Magazine subscriptions’.

I got a problem with my CGW subscription.


Both of those links work for me.


I had installed some pre packaged hosts file that redirected a bunch of domains to I forgot about it until I thought why it would work for you and not me.


I had to cancel my sub a few years back because for some odd reason CGW always dissapeared on the way, except a few times it just came without the CD.


Looks like there are some problems in CGW’s circulation department, although I generally like the writing & editing. I’ve had two missing issues in the last year, compared to one in 2.5 years for Computer Games, and no problems with PC Gamer. Messages sent to the subscription help e-mail address listed in the CGW print magazine get returned, and the bad address hasn’t been changed for at least eight months.

The latest wrinkle came when the customer service people e-mailed me they’d be unable to replace my latest missing issue, because they have none available. Which issue? June 2005, which according to the May issue, just hit the newsstands two days ago (May 10). To be fair, they extended my subscription one issue, but it’s odd I’ll be able to find plenty of copies – each costing 30% of my yearly subscription – at a bookstore, yet Ziff-Davis has none left at the warehouse.

Have a free subscription to CGW on VU Games:

(found on Frugal Gamer on Gametab forums.)