CGW Talks to the Competition

Great new issue of CGW this month with a good long Sam and Max story.

As I was reading the revi^^^Viewpoint section, I noted that the articles don’t just summarize how other outlets scored a particular game but also include quotations and comments on the reviews from IGN, Gamespy and Gamespot. (As well as the usual plea to “Check us out at 1up!!!”.)

This is new, isn’t it? And it wasn’t just in one piece - it was all over the section.

So far, I like it. It didn’t just criticize other outlets, or just quote them for support, though it did both in different places. It does a good job of contextualizing the opinions of the writers in a larger critical environment.


Its fairly new. They are evolving the mag for the past 4 months and there are little changews each issue. So far I love what they are doing.

Though I’m sure quoting IGN is never a good way to add content to anything, it sounds like an extremely classy feature. This is the one that went with no review scores, right? More power to them. Let’s hope it snowballs.