Chadwick Boseman dies at 43 *Wakanda Forever*

RIP. Apparently battling colon cancer the last four years:

Holy shit, oh man, that just blows.

This is terrible news. 😢

Holy shit that is insane

I have no words, that is shocking for someone so seemingly young and healthy.

Damn, that’s horrible and such a shock.

It is awful to lose that kind of talent at such a young age.

He was wonderful as Black Panther: both a badass superheroic superspy and a warm son and brother; regal but not remote; wise, but not so wise he didn’t have anything to learn over the course of the story. It’s sad to think we won’t see more Boseman performances like that.

Just found out as well. This truly took me by surprise; never heard a word about him being ill. I almost can’t believe it.

What awful, awful news. 43 is way too young. Fuck. I’m stunned.

Fuck that’s absolutely terrible. Incredibly unfair and such a loss. Black Panther was a movie milestone that resonated far beyond the superhero genre becoming a true cultural phenomenon. :(

Goddamn. That’s some terrible news.

Oh, no, this is dreadfully sad. I wanted a whole bunch more of him in that role. Not to mention other movies. I’m stunned.

This is really sad. A great actor who had some good roles but who I was sure had his best work ahead of him.

Hmmm. Maybe I should get my first colonoscopy sometime soon. I thought it was something people started doing when they get closer to 50.

Message from the King.
IMDB link for Netflix movie
I feel this is a must watch. Don’t be deceived by the art or description the movie addresses some serious timely issues.

Truly sad. Not just a great actor, but apparently was a pretty nice guy to boot.

I can’t imagine anyone else playing T’Challa better than he did, and was looking forward to seeing more of him.

Sad news.

Don’t want to pre-empt the tragedy of this actor dying, but I wanted to respond to this.

50 is the recommended age for a colonoscopy. Just as an aside, I had my first at 61 because I was a bit afraid of having my ass probed. However, as it turns out it was the easiest thing I have ever done. Well, the day before prep which was fasting and drinking a literal gallon of stuff designed to make me sit on the toilet and clean myself out wasn’t a lot of fun.

The actual procedure was cake, though. Go in, get prepped, get shot up with the sleepy stuff that killed Michael Jackson, take a very nice nap, and wake up and go home. Aliens from Tau Ceti could have probed me for all I know. I really felt like I simply took a nap.

So the deal is we can grow polyps in our colon, but they normally take about 10 years to turn cancerous if they are going to. During the procedure the doctor will cut out any he or she finds and send them to lab for analysis. You may not have any. I didn’t have any. I should be good now until 70 since any polyps I may develop will take time to go bad. At least that’s how I understand it.

Sorry about the loss of this guy. I just thought it was good to share what I just went through regarding colon maintenance.

Very sad