ChAIR Entertainment's New Game

Think Political Machine meets Street Fighter.

9 likes, 32 dislikes, many complaints of racism.


More like Infinity Blade, whose combat engine is clearly being reused here.

Ugly and stupid-looking. Disappointing to see Chair wasting its time on something like this.

So that’s really a game? I watched the video and thought it looked like a parody, this is getting released someday on some platform? And where the hell is Shadow Complex 2?

Out tonight, yes.

Hm. Well. Interesting choice, Chair.

That looks awful.

Lest we forget, everybody hates Chair because they are presumed to be gay-bashing Mormon extremists.

I am pretty sure the video would have done better if they used the rubber chicken.

I don’t know if I’d go so far to call it racist but man it’s pretty obvious who they don’t like.

Pure crap, and young voters today didn’t need any more pushing to not take Democracy seriously.

Very disappointed in both Epic and Chair-games. I could maybe understand it if they weren’t American companies… but they are.