Champions League Final

It even made the CNN front page as the lead story!

The first all-English Champions League final.

What are your predictions? How do you think it will go down?

I’m rooting for the Mancs but I think either way we should be watching a superb final, a final that is finally devoid of shitty Italian defensive football.

If Drogba decides to move to Spain this could very well be his last game with Chelsea. I know everyone loves to hate Ronaldo but as a Portugal supporter on the national teams front, and Manchester Utd in clubs, I absolutely love his play style.

Fuck Man U, by the way.

I used to hate on Man U until Chelsea came around. Chelsea’s given me a new perspective on football matters.

Agreed. And the New York Yankees, and the Detroit Red Wings.

I don’t hate Cristiano a bit, not even after his Cup antics. I think he’s a lot of fun to watch and I wish nothing better than to be able to leave work early to go watch the final. :(

I’m not a fan of either team, but I think that Chelsea will win. My GF is a big Ronaldo fan though.

Also: Choose United

That was a great first half, amazing saves by Cech as usual, but Ronaldo’s goal was a work of art, and Chelsea’s goal was a complete fluke. The first half could have easily seen 3 goals for Manchester.

Promising game.

Extra Time!

Great penalty shootout. John Terry is completely inconsolable but Ronaldo got a lucky break. Chelsea played a better game in the second half but Tevez still managed to miss amazing opportunities.

I’m really ecstatic for Giggs and Bobby Charlton.